Financial aid

  • At this time there are no delays anticipated as a result of the current situation caused by COVID-19.
  • Both the WMU Office of Financial Aid and the federal government are working during this time and processing FAFSA and other documents necessary for awarding and distributing financial aid.
  • Spring 2020 – aid and documents are still being processed as normal.  Turnaround time is still at about five days.
  • Summer I 2020 – Applications are still being accepted and processed daily.  That aid should pay out 10 days before the start of the term (beginning April 25) for students registered at least 1/2 time as normal.
  • Summer II 2020 – Applications will be available sometime in early May or late April.  Award information will go out in early June.
  • Fall 2020-Spring 2021 – We are expecting awards for the next school year to go out to returning students in early June as usual.
  • Phone appointments are still available and encouraged if you have questions or concerns.  To make an appointment please call (269) 387-6000.
  • Email is being answered daily.  You may email questions to  
  • Brenda Thomas is the College of Fine Arts Liaison.  You may also email her at, however her access to information is limited currently so she would mainly be able to just answer general questions; not those requiring access to your FAFSA or student record.
  • Work Study for the current semester – Work study supervisors were notified about the process for paying out remaining work-study monies for students who had been working in a work-study position this semester and had NOT exhausted their work-study dollars.  Please contact your supervisor to determine if you have remaining work-study money and when you will be getting that.  It is possible that some students’ work study had already been used up and their department had taken over paying the student out of their budget. 

Credit/No Credit Option (CR/NC)

  • The deadline to request to have a class converted to credit/no credit is May 15.
  • If you are considering changing to CR/NC, you are strongly encouraged to consult your academic advisor prior to doing so.  CFA advisors are still available for appointments while working remotely (phone/Facetime/Zoom/ etc.).
  • If you receive financial aid, you are strongly encouraged to also discuss this with a financial aid advisor to determine if there are potential consequences to financial aid eligibility.
  • If you have a hold on your account you can still have the grade option changed to CR/NC by emailing from your WMU email account.  To protect our students, WMU only allows such requests to be honored if coming from a WMU account.

Summer I and II courses

  • Registration is still open for summer I and II.
  • Financial aid is currently accepting applications and awarding aid for summer I.
  • Financial aid applications for summer II will be available late April or early May.

Fall Registration

  • Some students have asked if they should wait and do their fall registration until after they see how this semester’s courses turn out.  Please do your registration now.  If for some reason your schedule needs to be adjusted later, advisors can assist you with that. 

Housing/meal plan refunds

  • An email was sent to all students last night around 7:30 p.m. regarding refund amounts, eligibility and processes established for providing the refunds.  The email came out from the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications.  If you did not receive this, please let me know and I can forward it to you.

Spring 2020 Graduation

  • Alternate date options are being explored, but a new date cannot be confirmed until it is known when large gatherings will be permitted again.
  • The Registrar’s Office will communicate the new date with the students who have pending April 2020 graduations as soon as it is known.

How to I access software I need?

 We are providing links to each of the places to download the programs found in the computer labs within the College of Fine Art.