Advocate for Diversity Student Award

college of fine arts Advocate for diversity student award

The Dean and the College of Fine Arts Diversity and Inclusion Committee as part of an ongoing effort to celebrate those who are committed to diversity and inclusion, have established the College of Fine Arts Advocate for Diversity Student Award. This honor, which carries a $100 cash prize, will be awarded annually. The winner will be selected by the College of Fine Arts Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit nominations, bringing attention to those students who are creating a more diverse and inclusive community.

Diversity:  Diversity includes the dimensions of race, ethnicity, and national and regional origins; sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation; socioeconomic status, age, physical attributes, and abilities; as well as religious, political, cultural, and intellectual ideologies and practices.  

An advocate for diversity:

  1. Creates an inclusive environment in the College of Fine Arts through support, education and advocacy for a diverse community.  
  2. Commits to cross-movement building in social justice and intersectional identities.  
  3. Actively challenges structures that promote discrimination and perpetuate privilege.  
  4. Supports the personal and professional success of all individuals in the College of Fine Arts.
  5. Builds collaborations and relationships with new organizations, communities and/or institutions.