Jeff Admiraal

Jeff Admiraal

Director, Analytics and Insights
Procter & Gamble

Session Information

Tuesday Afternoon Super Session

Starting with Z—How to Win NOW with the Largest Generation

Session Location TBD

Gen Z, defined as those born between 1996-2012, is the largest generation living today. It is also the most ethnically diverse. Gen Z makes up 25 percent of the population and accounts for more than $150 billion in spending power. So how can retailers and manufacturers develop deep brand relationships with Gen Z now, when they are developing brand affinities, determining retailer preferences and establishing new habits? How does the context in which Gen Z has grown up affect their perceptions and attitudes? And how might the Gen Z shopper path to purchase differ from those of other generations? In this session, Jeff Admiraal will lead a discussion exploring these questions. He will also share tangible ways retailers can begin winning now with the Gen Z shopper.