Amanda Blanck

Amanda Blanck

Managing Partner

Amanda Blanck, the managing partner at Deviate, is the performance coach to top minds in music, sports and business. Trusted by major brands, including the Philadelphia Eagles, William Morris Endeavor, Northeastern University and Skanska, she uses her innate ability to cut through to what helps and what hinders—making her a potent force in developing people, strategy and culture.

Blanck is known for connecting the intelligence within teams. Her bold curiosity and interactive design give leaders the winning combination to accomplish what needs to be done. Together they minimize risk, stop wasted energy on unproductive behaviors, and gain strategic clarity and confidence to accomplish important work. She gets teams to connect in new, meaningful ways to become effective problem-solvers and creators of possibility by elevating how people work, relate and think.

Blanck has scaled the development of teams on topics such as influence, confidence, trust and effective communication. Her influential edge is the ability to "connect-the-dots" to gain progress in the face of uncertainty. The intimate relationship she creates with her clients enables them to overcome unchecked stress and frustration while expanding capacity in all aspects of their lives.

Blanck graduated from Washington State University with a degree in communication. She is a professional certified coach and strengthens communities through her roles within Cable, Leadership Brentwood, and Nurturing Women in Music. Blanck was recognized as the 2016 ATHENA Young Professional, 2019 NELA finalist, and 2017 Cable Rising Star.

Specialties: performance coaching, retreats, strategic planning, training, effective communication, executive alignment

Session Information

Tuesday Afternoon Super Session

How to Set Yourself Up to Achieve Peak Performance

Session Location TBD

Every outcome is the result of a decision made or missed. If you are curious about what three factors derail good decision-making and what enables sound judgment, join Amanda Blanck, the performance coach for major brands like the NFL, William Morris Endeavor, Penn State and the Philadelphia Eagles. She is the managing partner of Deviate, a performance coaching company that specializes in culture, people development and retreats.

During this session, Amanda will teach the common denominators of peak performance and help you simplify leadership to help you live up to your potential, make the most out of the possibilities available to you, enjoy what life has to offer, and be a leader worth following. This experiential learning session will change how you think, relate and work.