Thomas Bornemann

Thomas Bornemann


Thomas Bornemann is a 30-year consumer package goods industry executive who has been serving as a principal with EY since 2013. After 15 years in industry and now 15 years in professional services, Bornemann is focused on delivering the highest quality consulting services to key EY accounts.

Bornemann combines marketing, brand management and deep operational supply chain skills to lead cross functional consulting engagements that are highly aligned to the overall value creation strategies of clients. His purpose-led strategy and transformations deliver hard dollar results for clients. For Bornemann, "Building a Better Working World" for clients and all their constituents is a conviction, not a slogan.

As pricicpal, Bornemann serves as global client service partner for five Fortune 500 clients. His responsibilities include all aspects of client management, delivery oversight and nurturing executive relationships, which are the basis of trust between EY and clients.

Session Information

Keynote Session

New Consumerism: Could Your Biggest Challenge Today Be How You Think About Tomorrow?

Session Location TBD

The world and the consumer are changing exponentially. To remain competitive, retailers and consumer package goods companies must adapt to this unprecedented change accordingly. To be successful, companies both large and small must grasp how to read, anticipate and adapt to changing consumer needs.

Led by EY Principal Thomas Bornemann, who serves as global client service partner for five Fortune 500 clients and advises one of the largest retail companies in the world, this session explores the changing consumer package goods environment and how companies can remain relevant. Participants will have an opportunity to examine:

• Key priorities that are driving the smart consumer.
• A pragmatic “how-to” guide for responding to changing consumer preferences.
• Concrete steps to build and execute on the transformation blueprint needed to react, adapt and prosper in the era of new consumerism.