Dave Dempsey

Dave Dempsey


Dave Dempsey is the founder and CEO of Hyer, the first integrated, scalable ecosystem for labor-on-demand in the Gig Economy. Officially started in 2018 and launched in early 2019, Hyer connects people to opportunities and businesses to resources. The Hyer app provides a unified, secure and easy way to search for, book and manage independent work. Hyer is now operating in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Illinois, connecting people and businesses in the provision of general labor, merchandising and delivery.

Prior to founding Hyer, Dempsey spent more than 36 years in various strategic and executive roles within PepsiCo and the Pepsi Bottling Group. PBG was the largest franchise bottler in the beverages division, comprising 80 percent of total Pepsi beverage volume in North America.

In his most recent position at Pepsi, Dempsey served as the vice president of sales transformation, where he led a program focused on the optimization of North American sell and go-to-market operations, both from a process and a technology perspective. From 2008 to 2010, he led PBG’s marketing function, overseeing the redesign of its field marketing organization, while accelerating brand innovation and execution.

In 2007 Dempsey spent a number of years in the Midwest division as vice president and general manager of the Michigan market, where he led the consolidation of four market units into one, forming PBG’s second largest market that delivered positive volume, revenue and market share growth. He achieved this by having full profit and loss responsibility and complete oversight of sales, distribution, warehousing, production, fleet and transport operations.

From 2000 to 2006, Dempsey served as vice president of retail sales for the central division. This Michigan-based role required him to represent PBG across the entire franchise bottling network on key national accounts and to develop and drive strategies for a channel generating $1.4 billion in revenue a year. In recognition of his performance, he received the 2004 Chairman’s Award, PBG’s most prestigious honor.

From 1997 to 2001, Dempsey served as vice president and general manager in the Detroit Market.

Dempsey thrived in a variety of assignments for PepsiCo prior to his work within the largest bottler, including director of selling and distribution, area vice president for foodservice sales, regional sales manager, and division sales analyst across multiple North American geographies. Dempsey embarked on his Pepsi career in 1982 as a territory sales manager. During his long and prosperous tenure in the Pepsi family, he has been the proud recipient of multiple awards, recognizing him for his proven results, outstanding ethics, and overall drive for success.

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Breakout Session

Redefining How Work Gets Done: The Changing Face of Labor

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Companies that understand the power of the Gig Economy and labor-on-demand will have a real advantage over those who don’t. Simply put, the way we source labor has to evolve with today’s changing technology, attitudes and behavior to meet the needs of both companies and these shortterm contract and freelance workers. There is no doubt that this growing trend is set to change the way the retail industry manages its workforces, and finding the right technology is the key to sustainable success. Scaling labor during busy times, augmenting existing teams, and flexing labor as schedules change are just a few examples of this new paradigm’s power. Dave Dempsey will present how to take advantage of the changing workplace by applying the right processes and technologies to help achieve substantive advantages–for employers and workers alike.