Darian Pickett

Darian Pickett

Chief Executive Officer, North American Sales Agency

Darian Pickett joined Acosta in 1991 as a Business Manager after graduating from the University of North Texas and was appointed CEO in July 2019. Throughout his career, he has contributed to virtually every area of Acosta’s sales business and has held numerous operational positions.

These positions span sales leadership, sales strategy/operations, client services, customer marketing, analytics, business management and retail management functional areas.

His executive leadership roles as chief client officer, president of sales, president of strategic channels and executive vice president of business development are a reflection of his responsibility for the total client experience and sales execution across all Acosta lines of business. Pickett’s entire Acosta career has provided him broad perspective positioning him for the role of CEO of Acosta's North American Sales Agency.

Over the years, Pickett has consistently led by example in exhibiting a steadfast commitment to operating according to the company’s core values, engaging our associates, building deep and trusting client relationships, and ensuring Acosta’s operating model remains sound so the business can deliver continued growth.