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Tuesday, March 23

Sponsor Showcase Exhibit Hall
Transform with New Workplace Dynamics
Sarah Alter, President and CEO, Network of Executive Women
Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader, Deloitte

To thrive in a competitive landscape, innovation is a prerequisite of business strategy. To be successful with innovation models, diversity, equity and inclusion must be pillars of your company culture. Leaders must understand how to navigate intersectionality, and what could derail building and nurturing inclusive workplace cultures. Learn the best practices Network of Executive Women has to offer as they lead companies to workplace transformation, powered by robust support for women of color, and creating allies that can support women’s career journeys.

Panel Discussion: New Consumerism and COVID-19—The U.S. Consumer Now, Next and Beyond the Pandemic
Moderator: Thomas Bornemann, Principal, EY

The world and consumers are changing exponentially. To remain competitive, retailers and consumer package goods companies must adapt to unprecedented change. They must grasp how to read, anticipate and adapt to changing consumer needs. Led by EY Principal Thomas Bornemann, global client service partner for five Fortune 500 clients, this session explores the changing consumer package goods environment and how companies can remain relevant. Participants will: 1) Hear key priorities that are driving the smart consumer; 2) Examine a pragmatic “how-to” guide for responding to changing consumer preferences; 3) Learn concrete steps to build and execute the transformation needed to react, adapt and prosper in the era of new consumerism.

Asha Lundal, Principal, Food and Agribusiness, EY
Christine Miller, Partner, EY

Adrian Trimpe Distinguished Service Awards
John Phillips, PepsiCo
Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani, Western Michigan University
Panel Discussion: Supply Chain Learnings from the Pandemic
Moderator: Dr. Russell Zwanka, Associate Professor of Marketing, Western Michigan University

From bath tissue hoarding to a global shortage of yeast to fights over Clorox wipes, 2020 was the year of the supply chain. Join us for this lively session featuring top retailers and consumer goods companies that have been in the thick of it from day one of the COVID-19 pandemic. What have they learned, how have they adjusted, and what do they think is going to stick as we head into either a post-pandemic or "new reality" world? You won't want to miss this session of supply chain giants!

Jorge Amadeo, Senior Vice President of Sales, Proctor & Gamble;
Deirdre Elter, Vice President Customer Logistics, Kimberly-Clark;
Richard Lundquist Food and Beverage Director, Target;
Rick McDonald, Vice President of Global Operations, The Clorox Company;
Lori Raya, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, SpartanNash;
Peter Whitsett, Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing, Meijer

The Washington Scene and Its Impact on the Food Industry
Greg Ferrara, President and CEO, National Grocers Association

With the 2020 race for the White House behind us and a new administration in place, the implications for business going forward could be far reaching. Participants will hear the latest on the flurry of activity in the nation’s capital from the lingering effects of the pandemic on businesses, to the prospect of minimum wage reform, taxes, health care and how these and other policy decisions will impact the food industry. As head of the national trade association that is the voice of retail and wholesale companies, Greg Ferrara has a unique view of the national conversation that relates to our industry and works to develop and implement a strategic vision that advances National Grocers Association’s efforts and public policy positions in support of the independent supermarket industry.

Mastering the Odds of Disruptive Change
Celia Swanson, Author, Consultant, Speaker, and Former Executive Vice President at Walmart

If you’ve ever experienced disruptive change in your career, you know how it feels. Whether it’s a job loss or company acquisition, change can make you feel as though you’ve lost all control. Being prepared for such uncertainty will smooth the transition. Celia Swanson is an accomplished senior executive who spent more than 25 years at Walmart. She completed her career at Walmart serving as senior vice president, leading global labor relations and global culture strategy. She brings a legacy of deep expertise in retail, large-scale transformation, company culture and multigenerational workforce engagement. She will share insight that will help you rise above your most uncertain challenges in life and work and help you make the difficult but right decisions to move forward.

Consumer Experiences: Creating Relationship Magic! LIVE EVENT
Duncan Wardle, Former Vice President of Innovation, Walt Disney

Marketing will be replaced by experiences in less than a decade! Why? Because marketing implies the word “at,” and we all know one-way relationships don’t work. Experiences can significantly enhance our level of engagement, creating deeper relationships among consumers and brands that can last a lifetime. Disney is the master of creating experiences where consumers can touch, feel and play with the brand in an extraordinary way that creates magical relationships. During this session, Duncan Wardle shares his insights into three approaches to deepen relationships with consumers through experiences in order to not only survive, but actually thrive in the decade ahead, one he believes will be dominated by the “Experience Economy.” The three approaches include the following:

1. Re-engineering relationships that fundamentally challenge the rules of engagement;

2. Re-inventing consumer relationships in new and different ways;

3. Re-expressing relationships with consumers to develop innovative new products and services.

After Hours Event: Bell's Brewery Tour
Join us for the happiest of hours as we show you how to pour and assess beer while tasting through three of our core brands. We will explore the relationship between food and beer, pairing each with simple food items found in your home.

Wednesday, March 24

Sponsor Showcase Exhibit Hall
Panel Discussion: The New Marketplace—Adapting to the Big Shift
Moderator: Jennifer Pritchard, Managing Director, NA Food Retail Lead, Accenture

There are massive changes reverberating throughout the integrated marketplace as consumers shift how and what they buy. But how are these changes impacting the flow of consumer dollars and which changes will have a lasting impact? Jennifer Pritchard tackles these questions and more in an immersive session that explores the actions retailers and consumer package goods companies need to take in data collection, customer experience, delivery and operations to ensure they can adapt and serve the consumer of the future and remain competitive.

COVID-19 was a monumental shift in our way of life. Accenture has identified $996 billion dollars that will be redistributed across U.S. industries because of the pandemic. Follow the money as Pritchard takes you through the three main trends that are driving these seismic shifts and where the money is moving. She will apply her expertise in operations, supply chain and merchandising to discuss the considerations for retail and consumer packaged goods companies. Then, hear from the frontlines as Pritchard facilitates a lively discussion with retail and consumer packaged goods companies on how they are navigating this new future.

PJ Connor, President of Sales, Consumer Products, Hormel Foods;
Wendy Davidson, Americas President, Glanbia Performance Nutrition;
Tom Herman, Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, Northgate Gonzalez Market;
Darian Pickett, Chief Executive Officer, North American Sales Agency, Acosta.

Food Marketing Alumni Hall of Fame Award
- Tom Herman, Northgate Markets
Panel Discussion: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matters
Moderator: Joy Nicholas, Principal, JN Retail Connections

Tish Archie-Oliver, Head of Diversity and Inclusion for North America, Unilever;

Kymberly Graham, Senior Manager, Diversity and InclusionNielsen Company;

Megan Hooff, Vice President of Total Beverage Alcohol, Constellation Brands;

Brandon Barnholt, President and CEO, Kehe;

Jonathan Mayes, Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Albertsons Companies;

Jamey Martin, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, North America, Mondelez International;

Pysche Terry, CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer, UI Global Brands

Sponsor Showcase Exhibit Hall
The Day After Tomorrow: The Phoenix and the Unicorn
Peter Hinssen, Internationally Acclaimed Futurist

Unicorn startups are brilliant. But few of us will start one, become one, or work for one. Most of us are connected to large companies that often struggle to keep themselves relevant. That’s why this keynote offers a realistic inspiration: The Phoenix. Just like this magical bird, companies that repeatedly rethink themselves rise from the ashes of the old, emerging stronger than ever. We know their names: Walmart, Volvo, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Ping An, Assa Abloy and AT&T.

This keynote is about understanding a world of constant change. It tells how companies can act on their “day after tomorrow” and how they can apply innovation as an antidote to a radically changing environment. It doesn’t just zoom in on what you need to do in order to innovate, but also on how you can make innovation a reality in your organization.

Panel Discussion: Igniting a Passion for Private Brands
Moderator: Jason Cunningham, Vice President OwnBrands, SpartanNash

Jason Cunningham, Vice President of OwnBrands, SpartanNash

Chris Burns, Executive Director for Sales, Marketing and Logistics Defense Commissary Agency;

Peggy Davies, President, Private Label Manufacturers Association;

Aimee Ferreira Becker, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Advisory, Daymon;

Christine Heffernan, Senior Vice President, Center Store, Topco;

Ashley Quaintance, Vice President Value and Small Format, Treehouose Foods

Transforming to an Omnichannel Food Retailer: How Ahold Delhaize USA is Creating a Personalized Customer Experience
Kevin Holt, CEO, Ahold Delhaize USA

CEO Kevin Holt will discuss Ahold Delhaize USA’s journey to become a grocer of the future. Ahold Delhaize USA believes personalizing the shopper experience is critical to customer growth and loyalty. Giving shoppers access to fresh products at a great value whenever, wherever, however they want to shop, the company is focused on meeting consumers’ evolving preferences. The company is rethinking traditional operations, strategies and ways of working to achieve future success. And, this transformation won’t happen without ensuring its associates are purpose-driven and focused on enabling its brands to be the local grocer of choice in their communities. Join us for an insightful session on Ahold Delhaize USA’s success as a brick-and-mortar retailer, while reinventing its brands as they pave the way for online shopping, pick-up, delivery and a total omnichannel experience.

Redefining Loyalty in a Post-COVID-19 World
John Ross, President and CEO, IGA International

What truly makes a shopper loyal to one retailer or brand over another and how has that equation changed since COVID-19? During this session, John Ross addresses this question, bringing his experience that spans many industries and areas of focus, including his current role as president and CEO of the largest group of independent retailers in the world. Ross shares insights on how building confidence among shoppers is the key to developing meaningful and lasting relationships in a post-COVID-19 world.

After Hours Event: Constellation Brands Mixology Session
Want to know how to make the perfect margarita, join us and Constellation Brands Mixologist and be the envy at your next party.

On-Demand Sessions

Technology Sessions

How AI and Technology Will Continue to Fuel Change With Consumers
Bill Gillispie, Global Team Lead, IBM

“The last best experience anyone has anywhere, becomes the new minimum expectation they want everywhere.”

Fueled by data and technology, the pace of change with consumers is one of the greatest challenges that companies face. IBM has been at the forefront of this change with the launch of the first AI system—Watson in 2012—followed by online commerce, the Internet of Things, blockchain and the purchase of the Weather Channel. These technologies and its role as one of the largest digital advertising agencies has positioned IBM to drive real results in the following areas:

• Developing relationships with consumers.
• Playing where the consumer plays.
• Using Watson to recruit, hire and retain.
• Reinventing the supply chain from forecast to the last mile.

In this session, Bill Gillispie will share examples of how IBM has helped retailers and CPG customers deal with today’s change.

Using Technology to Create an Agile Supply Chain
Harris Fogel, Global Vice President of Consumer Products, SAP

Harris Fogel, Global Vice President of Consumer Products, SAP

The Key to Successful Online Fulfillment: Making Promises You Can Keep
Jim Hull, Senior Industry Strategies Director, Blue Yonder

Now, more than ever, a successful online grocery shopping experience can mean the difference between a happy, lifelong customer and a frustrated ex-customer, lost revenue and bad reviews. This success starts at the very beginning of the online shopping journey–ensuring you are presenting the customer with products you can actually fulfill, presenting realistic delivery options and then actually meeting those commitments.

In this session participants will discuss how cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, real-time inventory and micro-fulfillment are giving today’s grocers the highest probability of delivering on the customer online promise, while minimizing total cost to serve and maximizing profits and customer satisfaction.

Micro-Fulfillment: The Future of e-Commerce Fulfillment
Matt Inbody, Chief Disruptor and Leader for Micro-Fulfillment,, Dematic

Marketplace Sessions

Panel Discussion: Startups and the Next Generation of Food Entrepreneurs
Moderator: Alex Marx, Director of Growth Solutions, KeHE Distributors

A panel conversation with innovative natural food leaders of today and tomorrow who are shaping our food culture. These young and progressive entrepreneurs will be discussing how they have grown their trend-forward natural food businesses into organizations that are shaping our food culture. From building the right teams to sticking by your mission, these leaders share their thoughts on what it takes succeed. Expect to learn about their struggles and victories, as well as how they balance purpose and profit by becoming positive influences on their communities and the global food chain.

Tara Bosch, Founder and CEO, SmartSweets;
Leland Copenhagen, Co-Founder & CEO, Yai's Thai;
Teresa Tsou, Co-Founder, Pipcorn;
Michael Tierney, Co-Founder and CEO, Mikey's;
Patrick Tannous, President & Co-Founder, Tiesta Tea

Positioning for Profitable Growth
Lori Zumwinkle, Managing Director and North America Retail Lead, Accenture; Laura Gorski, North America Lead, Consumer Goods and Services, Accenture

Consumers’ priorities and the way they shop changed dramatically in 2020. Food manufacturers and retailers faced unforeseen challenges with demand and supply as well as digital commerce’s skyrocketing growth. To navigate an ever-changing world, retailers and food manufacturers need to build “future-proof” capabilities. For example, predictive and prescriptive analytics can turn data into actionable insights shared across the enterprise—and ecosystem. Retailers need to use to data to better understand how to adapt to customers' ever-evolving expectations. CPGs need increased supply chain agility, optimized manufacturing and expanded demand management capabilities to meet volatile supply and demand situations. Join Lori Zumwinkle and Laura Gurski as they explore the implications of permanently-changed consumer behaviors and the capabilities needed to profitably grow.

Grocery Shopper Trends in the Age of Personalization
David G. Fikes, Executive Director, Food Marketing Institute Foundation

COVID-19 has effectively changed the way we socialize, work and shop, but will its influence last? Throughout the pandemic, the Food Marketing Institute has been tracking consumer grocery shopping trends and keeping a watchful eye on the emerging patterns of shopping behavior that will survive and those that will thrive through the ebbs and flows of recovery. In many ways, the pandemic turned back the food industry clock some 50 years to an age when folks cooked more, took a more “stock up” approach to their grocery shopping and spent most of their food dollars at the supermarket. In other ways, it advanced the supermarket clock 10 years, accelerating the anticipated timetable for online shopping and health and well-being concerns. With more than four decades of FMI consumer grocery shopping research serving as background, David Fikes will explore the pandemic’s current impact on grocery shopping and discuss what the long-term consequences will likely be.

Truths of Omni-Channel Success: A Leader's View
Spencer Baird, President Martech Division, Inmar Intelligence

Building on a set of experiences that has included CPG, brick-and-mortar as well as eCommerce leadership responsibilities at great companies like Danone, Kellogg's, Ahold Delhaize, Peapod and now Inmar Intelligence, Spencer Baird will share his unique perspective on what has to be true of organizations to get the most out of their digital investments. He will talk about the role that technology has to play in the context of customer loyalty improvement and some of the counterintuitive learning he has had along the way.

New Consumer Sessions

Starting with Z: How to Win NOW with the Largest Generation
Jeff Admiraal, Director, Analytics and Insights, Procter and Gamble

Gen Z, defined as those born between 1996-2012, is the largest generation living today. It is also the most ethnically diverse. Gen Z makes up 25% of the population and accounts for over $150 billion in spending power. So how can retailers and manufacturers develop deep brand relationships with Gen-Z now, when they are developing brand affinities, determining retailer preferences and establishing new habits? How does the context in which Gen Z has grown up affect their perceptions and attitudes? And how might the Gen Z shopper path to purchase differ from that of other generations? We will explore these questions and share tangible ways in which retailers can begin winning now with the Gen Z shopper.

How Cannabis Legalization is Changing Shopper Behavior
Carmen Brace, Founder and Principal, Aclara Research

As Illinois and Michigan legalized cannabis for adult use in 2020, we are witnessing the development of the dispensary channel-one that captures consumer share of mind and wallet. Learn how this product category is aligned to consumer perception of health and wellness, and how they are navigating a new retail channel.

1. Disrupting CPG categories—Start-ups—and even mainstream brands—are introducing and winning with cannabis products in the health and wellness, beauty and alcoholic beverage categories

2. Stealing trips from mainstream retail channels—As legal cannabis expands, it drives a shift of spending to cannabis retailers and products and away from traditional retailers and categories.

3. Changing shoppers’ expectations of retail experiences—Today’s cannabis shopping experience delivers personalization, innovation and customer service at a whole new level that will impact shopper expectations across categories.

How Consumer Buying Behaviors Post-COVID-19 Will Impact Retailers and CPG
Colin Stewart, Executive Vice President Business Intelligence, Acosta

COVID-19 was an unexpected event driving both change and opportunity for retailers and CPG manufacturers. Shoppers have been forced into new routines, and several trends that were in motion have been accelerated. Food at home has increased, creating new opportunities across many categories. E-Commerce and digital trends have accelerated by 3-5 years, creating both challenges and opportunities for retailers. The fundamentals of assortment, price and promotion have been impacted. This session will provide the latest shopper-centric research and the implications that create new opportunities for growth in a post COVID-19 world.

Building Customer-Focused Assortments
Michael Anderson, Vice President, dunnhumby
Shelly Huisken, Director of Space Planning, Meijer

Meijer has been on a multi-year journey to deliver the best in-store experience for its customers. Over the past year, that journey has led Meijer to partner with dunnhumby to reinvent how their category management processes and decision criteria are used to develop and execute assortments.

During this session, Shelly Huisken from Meijer and Michael Anderson from dunnhumby will share how they’ve partnered to embed customer insights and analytics into the category management process. They will also share how the new process allows both internal and manufacturer partners to work together to develop winning strategies.

Workplace/Personal Development Sessions

The Upside, Mind and Heart Building—How to Enable the Best Outcomes in People and Situations
Amanda Blanck, Managing Partner, Deviate

Every outcome is the result of a decision made or missed. During this session, you'll understand the foundations to better decision making so you can bring out the best in others and situations. You will learn what enables and hinders judgment to equip you to be a transformational versus transactional leader.

Amanda Blanck is the performance coach for major brands like the NFL, William Morris Endeavor, and Northeastern University. She is the managing partner of Deviate, a performance coaching company that specializes in culture, people development and retreats.

Redefining How Work Gets Done: The Changing Face of Labor
Dave Dempsey, CEO, Hyer; Todd Weer, Senior Vice President, Meijer

Companies that understand the power of the Gig Economy and labor-on-demand will have a real advantage over those who don’t. Simply put, the way we source labor has to evolve with today’s changing technology, attitudes and behavior to meet the needs of both companies and these short-term contract and freelance workers. There is no doubt that this growing trend is set to change the way the retail industry manages its workforces, and finding the right technology is the key to sustainable success. Scaling labor during busy times, augmenting existing teams, and flexing labor as schedules change are just a few examples of this new paradigm’s power.

Dave Dempsey of Hyer and Todd Weer of Meijer will present how to take advantage of the changing workplace by applying the right processes and technologies to help achieve substantive advantages–for employers and workers alike.

Preserving Corporate Culture in a Remote Environment
Lanell Ohlinger, Vice President of Human Resources, Kroger

Navigating through an everchanging business, while keeping up with a culture that cultivates a desire to stay and grow with the company, is challenging in an average everyday world. During a global pandemic, our priorities have remained keeping our associates and customers safe, continuing to support our communities, developing diverse talent and adapting through our learnings along the way. Through all of the quick pivots and changes to our business, we have had to create new ways of communicating, operating, and engaging with our teams to allow continued growth of our purpose: to “feed the human spirit.”

Lessons from the Gridiron: How to Build a Coaching Culture and Be a Leader Worth Following
Ryan Blanck, Founder and CEO, Deviate

Many perceive conflict as uncomfortable, avoid it altogether or handle it with aggression. Ignoring issues sabotages careers, teams, locker rooms and friendships. Leaders are expected to prepare for regression and confront challenges in real-time. Sadly, too many people shy away from real conversations and end up creating a watercooler culture. Big things can happen when conflict is used as a tool to grow individuals, restore trust and improve culture. Clearing the air minimizes stories and improves alignment and communication, positively affecting the bottom line, engagement and retention.

Managing conflict is not enough and waiting for conflict to happen is not leadership. If you’re interested in how to proactively build a coaching culture, this conversation is for you. Ryan Blanck will provide you with guiding principles to help lead your lives, families and teams.

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