Teresa Tsou

Teresa Tsou

Founder and President

After growing up in Ohio and attending the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Teresa Tsou moved to New York City and worked at UBS and Morgan Stanley’s investment banking groups advising retail and consumer products clients such as Campbell Soup, Walmart and Pepsi. She also spent time at TRAUB Advisors, a global investment fund and strategy and business development firm focused on growing luxury fashion and consumer brands. These experiences taught her a lot about the corporate world and that the old school way of doing things is not the way they always have to be done.

Challenged to do things better, in 2012, along with her husband, Jeff Martin and sister-in-law, Jen Martin, Tsou started Pipcorn, a Brooklyn-based snack food company dedicated to reinventing the team's favorite childhood snacks using heirloom corn. Not only does Pipcorn focus on making products that taste amazing with the highest quality real ingredients, the company also cares about treating people, plants and the earth with respect.

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Panel Discussion

Startups and the Next Generation of Food Entrepreneurs

Session Location TBD

How do they do it? Join this panel conversation with innovative natural food leaders of today and tomorrow who are shaping our food culture. These progressive entrepreneurs will be discussing how they have grown their trend-forward natural food businesses into organizations that are shaping our food culture. From building the right teams to sticking by your mission, these leaders share their thoughts on what it takes to succeed. Expect to learn about their struggles and victories, as well as how they balance purpose and profit by becoming positive influences on their communities and the global food chain.

• Alex Marx (Panel Moderator), Director of Growth Solutions, KeHE Distributors
• Sarah Hughes, Founder & COO, Yai’s Thai
• Dan Klein, Founder & CEO, Tiesta Tea
• Patrick Tannous, Founder and President, Tiesta Tea
• Teresa Tsou, Founder and President, Pipcorn
• Michael Tierney, Founder and CEO, Mikey’s & Stuffed Puffs