Matt Walker

Matt Walker

Grocery Disruptor

Matt Walker has been involved in the commercialization of new solutions at Dematic for more than two years. He currently serves as disruptor and voice of the customer for micro-fulfillment, constantly challenging Dematic to respond to the ever-changing market needs in order to create customer advocates.

His international experience in the grocery industry from merchandising to supply chain and logistics enables him to support business development and sales, and ensure customers have a thorough understanding of the many ways micro-fulfillment can provide seamless online and in-store experiences for consumers. Walker is currently "on tour" in North America and Europe sharing the benefits of Dematic’s ability to power the future of commerce.

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Session Information

Breakout Session

Micro-Fulfillment: The Future of e-Commerce Fulfillment
Session Location TBD

With your end consumer located in high-density cities and e-commerce growing rapidly, you need to move goods fast. In this session, participants will learn how to build strategies to address the challenges of growing their business in e-commerce and how to turn those challenges into lucrative opportunities. Matt Walker’s international experience in the grocery industry from merchandising to supply chain/logistics enables him to provide insights on the many ways micro-fulfillment can provide a seamless online and instore experience for consumers.

He will offer three key takeaways:

• How to increase your capacity through inventory optimization and utilizing the distribution ecosystem.
• How to increase efficiency through optimizing labor; using a compact, high-density storage system; and powering operation with integrated software.
• How to create seamless, blended, omni-channel customer experiences in the growing online grocery market.