Todd Weer

Todd Weer

Senior Vice President of Stores

Todd Weer is the senior vice president of stores for Meijer, Inc., the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based retailer that operates more than 250 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Weer joined Meijer in 1987 at one of the retailer’s Lansing, Michigan, stores as a part-time bottle return clerk while attending Lansing Community College.

A 33-year Meijer veteran, Weer was promoted to his current role in March 2016 after holding various leadership positions in store operations, including store director, director of retail services, market director and regional group vice president.

Prior to his promotion, Weer served for three years as the regional group vice president of the retailer’s central and northern regions. In that capacity, he directly oversaw operations at 78 stores with nearly 20,000 team members and he was responsible for developing and mentoring more than 1,400 leaders.

As a market director in two separate markets, Cincinnati and Fort Wayne, Weer was responsible for the direct retail management of 20 stores, two of which were newly opened under his leadership.

Under Weer’s leadership as the director of retail services, Meijer successfully planned and implemented the USCAN project companywide that allowed customers the convenience of a self-checkout experience. This has not only transformed the checkout experience from a cost and efficiency perspective but has paved the way to explore even better options in the future.

As a store director, Weer spent seven years at the retailer’s busiest store in Indiana. During that time, he exceeded sales forecasts and helped promote eight of his leadership team into store director roles at other Meijer stores.