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Out-of-State Students

Important Orientation Dates

Register early

Orientation sessions have a limited capacity so we can provide personalized and beneficial experiences for all participants.

Orientation sessions tend to fill up quickly; we strongly recommend that you register for Orientation early so you can attend the session date you prefer.

Overnight stay

To complete the Orientation experience, students are required to stay overnight on campus in the Valley 1 Residence Halls.

Session Dates

June 3-4 A Orientation Session 1* Ackley/Shilling
June 5-6 B Orientation Session 2 Britton/Hadley
June 8-9 C Orientation Session 3* Ackley/Shilling
June 10-11 D Orientation Session 4 Britton/Hadley
June 15-16 E Orientation Session 5 Ackley/Shilling
June 17-18 F Orientation Session 6 Britton/Hadley
June 19-20 G Orientation Session 7* Ackley/Shilling
June 22-23 H Orientation Session 8 Britton/Hadley
June 24-25 I Orientation Session 9* Ackley/Shilling
June 28-29 J Orientation Session 10 Britton/Hadley
July 31 - August 1 M Orientation Session 11 Valley 1 Residence Hall

* Odd numbered sessions (in Ackley/Shilling) are fully accessible.