Faculty Publications

Selected books by faculty from the Department of Geography at Western Michigan University are listed below.

Benjamin Ofori-Amoah

Africa's Geography: Dynamics of Place, Cultures, and Economies
By: Benjamin Ofori-Amoah
Published: 2019

Beyond the Metropolis: Urban Geography as if Small Cities Mattered
Edited by Benjamin Ofori-Amoah
Published: 2006

Gregory Veeck

China's Geography: The Dynamics of Political, Economic, and Social Change, Fourth Edition
by Gregory Veeck, Clifton Pannell, Xiaoping Shen and Youqin Huang
Published: 2021

This is China: The First 5,000 Years (This World of Ours)
Edited by Gregory Veeck, Haiwang Yuan, Ronald G. Knapp, Margot E. Landman
Published: 2010

Lisa DeChano-COOK

Kalamazoo River
By: Lisa DeChano-Cook and Mary Lou Brooks
Published: 2018

International Perspectives on Natural Disasters: Occurance, Mitigation, and Consequences (Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research)
Edited by Joseph P. Stoltman, John Lidstone, Lisa M. DeChano 
Published: 2007

Michelle Metro-Roland

Tourists, Signs and the City: The Semiotics of Culture in an Urban Landscape
Published: 2011

Tourism, Performance, and Place: A Geographic Perspective
By: Jillian M. Rickly-Boyd, Daniel C. Knudsen, Lisa C. Braverman and Michelle M. Metro-Roland
Published: 2014

Landscape, Tourism, and Meaning
By: Daniel C. Knudsen, Michelle M. Metro-Roland, Anne K. Soper, and Charles E. Greer, eds. 
Published: 2008