AAPG and SEPM 2018

  • Dr. Kaczmarek and his graduate students at the 2018 joint AAPG/SEPM conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

AAPG annual meeting 2018—Salt Lake City: wmu contributions

Student presentations at the meeting

  • Al-Musawi, M., and Kaczmarek, S. Application of XRF, Biostratigraphy, and Carbon Isotope Data to Establish a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional Facies Model for the Burnt Bluff Group, Michigan Basin, U.S.A.
  • Cohen, H., and Kaczmarek, S. Evaluating the Effects of Fluid Chemistry on Dolomite Stoichiometry and Reaction Rate.
  • Hashim, M., and Kaczmarek, S. Genetic Origin and Diagenetic Transformation of LMC Microcrystal Textures in Limestones.
  • Hemenway, M., Kaczmarek, S., and Rose, K. Application of Handheld XRF for High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy in Texturally Homogeneous Carbonate Mudstones: Salina A-1 Carbonate (Silurian), Michigan Basin.
  • Hybza, J., Wagenvelt, K., and Kominz, M. Thermal Maturation Modeling of the Michigan Basin.
  • Joupperi, C., Reeves, D., and Garrett, J. Reservoir Characterization and Fracture Network Modeling of the Highly Fractured Dolomitized A-2 Carbonate (Silurian) Gas Storage Reservoirs in the Michigan Basin.
  • Manche, C., and Kaczmarek, S. Evaluating Dolomite Stoichometry as a Proxy for the Chemistry of Dolomitizing Fluids.
  • Ryan, B., Kaczmarek, S., and Rivers, J. Unraveling the Impact of Sea-level Changes and Early Diagenesis on the Reservoir Quality of Eocene Carbonates in Qatar.
  • Ryan, B., Kaczmarek, S., and Rivers, J. Dolomite and Palygorskite: An Alternative Pathway for the Formation of Palygorskite Clay.

Student presentations at the SEPM carbonate working group student poster session

Of the roughly 30 students presenting – 8 students were WMU Students! WMU had by far the largest group of students at this meeting. The following students presented their posters from the meeting or other posters at the Working Group Poster Session:

  • Mohammed Al-Musawi (Kaczmarek)
  • Hanna Cohen (Kaczmarek)
  • Mohammed Hashim (Kaczmarek)
  • Matthew Hemenway (Kaczmarek)
  • Clay Joupperi (Reeves)
  • Cameron Manche (Kaczmarek)
  • Zaid Nadhim (Kaczmarek)
  • Brooks Ryan (Kaczmarek)

Professional service by W. Harrison III, S. Kaczmarek, and P. Voice

Harrison and Voice were actively involved in AAPG Committees, including:

  1. Served as Delegates for the Michigan Basin Geological Society at the AAPG House of Delegates Meeting (the legislative body for AAPG governance)
  2. Served as Delegates for the Michigan Basin Geological Society at the Eastern Section AAPG Section Meeting
    • Peter volunteered to serve on the Eastern Section AAPG Teacher of the Year Award Committee
    • Both Bill and Peter serve on the Outreach Committee
  3. Bill chaired the AAPG Preservation of Geoscience Data Committee; Peter acted informally as the secretary for the meeting

Kaczmarek served as a sub-theme chair for Carbonate Theme. His responsibilities included:

  1. Organizing and planning technical sessions pertaining to carbonate diagenesis
  2. Securing technical reviewers for evaluating abstracts, compiling evaluation results, and planning 2 oral and 2 poster sessions
  3. Co-chairing an oral session: New Insights on the Complexity of Carbonate Diagenesis (SEPM)

Additional WMU contributions

  • Hasiuk, F.J. and Kaczmarek, S.E. (2018) Carbonate chemostratigraphy caveat: micrite undergoes diagenesis (poster), American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Conference, May 20-23, Salt lake City, UT, #2856164
  • Pei Teoh, C., Laya, J.C., Whitaker, F., Gabellone, T., Tucker, M., Manche, C., and Kaczmarek, S.E., Miller, B. (2018) Unravelling reflux dolomitization: why size matters (poster), American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Conference, May 20-23, Salt lake City, UT, #2857418.

 *bold indicates WMU affiliation