AAPG Annual Meeting 2019—San Antonio, TX

Cameron Manche presenting his poster to sedimentologist David Budd.

Student Presentations at the Meeting

  • Hashim, M., and Kaczmarek, S.E. Experimental Insights on Mineralogical Stabilization in Carbonates
  • Manche, C. J., and Kaczmarek, S.E., Evaluating the Relationship between Stochiometry and Cation Ordering in Ancient Dolomites
  • Ryan, B.H., Kaczmarek, S.E., and Rivers, J.M. Elucidating Dolomitizing Conditions and Potential Recrystallization Using Textural and Geochemical Relationships: A Case Study from the Ummer Radhuma Formations, Qatar.

Mohammed Hashim, Cameron Manche, Brooks Ryan and Katharine Rose also presented posters at the SEPM – Carbonate Research Group Meeting.

Professional Service by W. Harrison III and P. Voice

Harrison and Voice were actively involved in AAPG Committees, including:

1.)    Served as Delegates for the Michigan Basin Geological Society at the AAPG House of Delegates Meeting (the legislative body for AAPG governance)

2.)    Served as Delegates for the Michigan Basin Geological Society at the Eastern Section AAPG Section Meeting

  • Peter serves on both the Eastern Section Teacher of the Year Award Committee and the National AAPG Teacher of the Year Award Committee
  • Both Bill and Peter serve on the Eastern Section Outreach Committee

3.)    Bill chaired the AAPG Preservation of Geoscience Data Committee; Peter acted as the secretary for the meeting

Additional WMU Contributions

  • Albader, A., Laya, J., Miller, B., Kaczmarek, S. E., Oomolds in a Marine Realms? A Case Study from the Permian Basin’s Happy Spraberry Field.
  • Teoh, C., Jacquemyn, C., Laya, J., Hasiuk, F. J., Kaczmarek, S.E., and Whitaker, F.F., Geometric Quantification of Dolomitized Clinoforms Using Digital Outcrop Models and Surface-Based Modeling: Insights for Geobody Connectivity From Outcrop Analogs.

*bold indicates WMU affiliation

Additional WMU-related Activities at AAPG ACE 2019

Former Faculty Member Mike Grammer was awarded the Grover E. Murray Distinguished Educator Award and the John Shelton Search and Discovery Award.