Application for Geosciences Graduate Programs

Submit a statement of purpose describing your field of study, why you are interested in this program and what you would like to accomplish after this degree.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Provide a list of current and former educational institutions you have attended, including dates of enrollment/graduation, what subject/degrees you earned, and your grade point average.
Describe any experience you have in teaching or group leadership.
Provide a chronological description of your employment experience including job title and description, duties, skills acquired, major accomplishments, length of employment and reason for leaving. Include all unpaid research appointments, volunteer work or internships. For each position listed, provide contact information for your former employer (name, phone, fax, email).
List any honors or awards you have earned, including scholarships and grants.
Describe your desired area of research interest or specialization. Be specific if possible.
The prerequisites for these degrees are substantially different and your choice will determine curriculum deficiencies upon acceptance to that program. Consult the academics section of this website for more information.
Tell us about your career goals, what type of geosciences employment you are most interested in pursuing, etc.
If you intend to apply for an assistantship, list your general GRE scores and arrange to have these scores sent to us.
List at least three references, including names and email addresses. Your request for a reference along with a link to the reference form will automatically be sent to them when you submit this form. The completed recommendation forms should arrive within the deadline.
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides you with a right of access to any reference forms. This right may be waived, but no school or person can require you to waive this right. Please check one of the following statements.