Graduate Certificate Curriculum and Course Descriptions


The required courses for the 15 credit hour gerontology graduate certificate are:

GRN 6700: The Study of Human Aging (3 cr hrs)
GRN 6800: Global Issues and Cultural Perspectives on Aging (3 cr hrs)
GRN 6810: Aging Health and Social Services (3 cr hrs)
GRN 6900: Special Topics in Gerontology (3 cr hrs)
GRN 7110: Gerontology Project (3 cr hrs)

See proposed timetable for course offerings

Course Descriptions

GRN 6700 The Study of Human Aging
This course addresses research methods and results related to the biology, psychology and sociology of human aging.  The course includes research methods, health changes, positive aging, disease, and diversity in later life. This should be the first course taken, but can be taken at the same time as another.

GRN 6800 Global Issues and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
This course focuses on the emerging ideas and new paradigms for the aging process worldwide. The central idea will be focused on different perceptions of aging in different regions and within regions. This course will address health, wellness, illness, and images of aging. Students will compare and contrast disease and health opportunities worldwide and explore the questions related to adult development and creating a more positive later life.  This course will include development of skills to communicate effectively with all older adults. 

GRN 6810 Aging Health and Social Services
This course describes the U.S. Aging Network and other services available to support elders in the community. This course also describes the health care environment in the U.S. and other countries. Students will examine current research on evidence based interventions and effective skills for interacting with older adults and their families. It will include emphasis on diversity while addressing access to health care and evaluating public policy.

GRN 6900 Special Topics in Gerontology
This course allows students to gain knowledge from topics of their choice relating to aging. Topics will be offered during the semester and the student chooses three. Each module will need to be completed within a given time frame. Specific course content will vary overtime, and will support different contexts for a gerontology career. The career contexts are 1) Well-Being, Health and Mental Health  2) Social Health  3) Program/Service Development  4) Education and the Arts and Humanities 5) Business and Finance and 6) Policy.

GRN 7100 Independent Research (optional)
This course offers an opportunity for an independent research project related to gerontology. This can include extensive literature review, projects in the community and other research projects.

GRN 7110 Gerontology Project
This course offers hands-on experience in applying skills and knowledge in settings supporting or partnering with older adults. Students will create or expand on current research or planning with a community organization. This might include needs assessment, evaluation, business plan, comparison of interventions, etc. This project will build on knowledge and skills learned in the previous gerontology courses in the certificate program.