Global Leadership Program

Three WMU students making "WMU" with their bodies and hands at the top of Machu Picchu. Decorative text overlay.Nationally and internationally recognized, Western Michigan University aspires to distinguish itself as learner centered, discovery driven and globally engaged. The WMU Global Leadership Program (formally known as the Global Ambassadors Program) is an innovative, four-year program that brings together all three University pillars. The leadership program is a joint initiative between Enrollment Management and the Haenicke Institute for Global Education. 

In the Global Leadership Program students explore global topics and develop leadership skills through coursework, study abroad and local community involvement.  


Benefits of Global Leadership Program

Global leadership skills are important to employers: ability to work with diverse colleagues. customers and/or clients important to 96% of employers; over 60% of companies consider international experience in hiring and promotion; intercultural skills important to 73% of employers; 63% of teachers, 63% of parents and 65% of Fortune 500 executives want knowledge of other cultures and international issues. The WMU Global Leadership program provides a four-year curriculum that guides students through an exploration of global topics and the development of the leadership skills necessary in an increasingly globalized world.

Through the program, students will: 

  1. Become informed, open-minded and responsible leaders who are attentive to diversity across a spectrum of differences
  2. Explore how their actions affect both local and global communities 
  3. Address a global issue, locally by collaborating with a community organization
  4. Develop intercultural communication skills 
  5. Serve as Western Michigan University representatives abroad
  6. Gain academic and professional international experience 


Program Components 

The WMU Global Leadership Program is a four-year curriculum: 

  • Year 1: "Global Challenges"
  • Year 2: "Global Leadership"
  • Year 3: "Beyond the Classroom"
  • Year 4: "Global Capstone" 

Yearly components will be announced shortly. 



Applicants for the WMU Global Leadership Program must be: 

  • A first-time, incoming freshman
  • Fully-admitted to WMU
  • A domestic, undergraduate student
  • Studying in a four-year or five-year academic program



The Global Leadership Program application will be available shortly. 

Contact the Haenicke Institute for Global Education with additional questions at