Latin American Studies Minor

Photo of Macchu Picchu in South America. Large green mountain at center surrounded by dark green valleys and cloud.


This minor may be organized around a general study of Latin America or specific countries with courses selected from more than one department. The minor requires:

  • 18 credit hours with a minimum grade of C in all courses.
  • At least half of the courses must be at the 3000 level or above.
  • Up to eight hours in study in Spanish may be included in the minor requirements.
  • Appropriate study abroad courses are welcome.

Courses offered at WMU that may apply to this minor include, but are not limited to:

  • ANTH 3390/SOC 3350-Cultures of Latin America
  • BIOS 4560-Tropical Biology in Belize (Study Abroad)
  • DANC 1250-Argentine Tango
  • ECON 3890-Latin American Economies
  • GEOG 3810-South America
  • GEOG 3820-Mexico & Caribbean
  • GIST 3500-Great Green Experiment (Study Abroad in Costa Rica)
  • PSCI 3450-Latin American Politics
  • SPAN 2750-Latino Writing & Culture
  • SPAN 3210-Life & Culture of Hispanics in the US
  • SPAN 3230-Life & Culture of Spanish America

For more information or for a printable version of this information, please see our Latin American Studies minor flyer.