Faculty Advisory Council

Photo of Stephen Covell
Chair and Professor of Comparative Religion
(269) 387-4365
Photo of Vincent Desroches
Chair of World Languages and Literatures
(269) 387-6241
Photo of Todd Kuchta
Associate Professor of English
(269) 387-2597
Photo of Elena Lisovskaya
Professor of Sociology
(269) 387-5288
Photo of James Palmitessa
Associate Professor of History
(269) 387-4640
Photo of Staci Perryman-Clark
Interim Director of the Global and International Studies Program
(269) 387-5652
Photo of Daniela Schroeter
Associate Professor of Public Administration
(269) 387-8941
Photo of Gregory Veeck
Professor of Geography
(269) 387-3420
Photo of Yuan-kang Wang
Professor of Political Science
(269) 387-5680
Photo of Paulo Zagalo-Melo
Associate Provost of the Haenicke Institute for Global Education
(269) 387-5890