Montevideo-Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base (MOxLAD)


The Montevideo-Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base (MOxLAD) provides over 40 economic and social indicators for 20 Latin American countries. MOxLAD covers data from 1870 to 2010. MOxLAD updates and expands the previously known OxLAD (Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base), which only covers twentieth century data in the region. MOxLAD intends to provide a systematic, consistent, and comprehensive collection of available statistical information in a single online source for economic and social historian around the globe. MOxLAD is the production of the partnership between the Economic and Social History Programme (PHES), of the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, and the Latin American Centre and the Department of International Development, Oxford University. *

*This description is a paraphrased version of the description on the MOxLAD website.

Available data file formats



This is an open data source that is for public use.




Suppose you want to track the coal consumption for Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. You would like to obtain as many data points as possible.


  • Locate the data source. Go to MOxLAD. Scroll down the page until CREATE CHARTS shows up.

Screenshot of the MOxLAD main page. A list of topics under section CREAT CHARTS appears from top to bottom, with a mark in front of each of them.

  • Find the right indicator and select the countries of your interest. Since you are looking for a subject related to energy, go to the topic Energy. Click on it and then there is the sub-topic Primary energy consumption. Then select Coal consumption. In the left part of the next section, Dates range shows available data from 1870 to 2010. You do not need to make any change to this because you want to get all available data from MOxLAD. Next, Select countries on the right allows you to select your countries of interest, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. Once you do that, a Line Chart would be created automatically.

Screenshot of the data of the indicator page. Energy is at the end of the list of the topics. There is one sub-section, Primary energy consumption. There are six indicators in this sub-section and Coal consumption is on its top. There are two filters below it, Dates range and Select countries. In the bottom, a line chart is generated for the selected indicator. There is also a download button between the filters and the graph.

  • Download your data. Below Select countries and above the chart, there is a red Download button. Click on it to obtain your data. The data is automatically set to be in Excel form.

Be sure to consult with the source website on how to properly cite your data. For this scenario, the citation in APA format would look something like:

Montevideo-Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base. Energy – coal consumption [Indicator]. (Accessed on January 30, 2020)