Western Michigan University offers several scholarships and awards throughout the year that encourage students to better acquaint themselves with life and culture outside the United States, further develop a foreign language, and begin their journey to becoming global citizens.

Please pay close attention to the eligibility requirements for each award, as not all students are eligible for all awards.

Global and International Studies Study Abroad Scholarships

The global and international studies (GIST) program will begin offering a brand new study abroad scholarship to support GIST majors in their study abroad endeavors up to $500! More details and application information to come soon.

Additional STudy Abroad scholarships

Additional study abroad funding opportunities

Scholarships and awards

Coming soon: A scholarship exclusively for GIST majors! We anticipate the first award will be in Fall 2020. Check back for the application around August/September 2020.

If you have an additional major or minor in another department, you may be eligible for scholarships and awards offered by that department. Please visit the appropriate departmental website for more information. As some of you are also majoring or minoring in a foreign language, be sure to see what scholarships and awards the Departments of World Languages and Literatures and Spanish have to offer.

Additional funding opportunities