Our Approach

What makes for A good engagement?

  • Has a strategic orientation that implicates growth and profitability.

  • Has strong support from senior management.

  • No existing, obvious or strong hypotheses about solution.

  • Can be completed within a 16-week academic semester.

  • Requires development of actionable recommendations.

  • Requires collection and analysis of data.

  • Most work can be completed remotely.

  • Does not require deep technical knowledge or expertise.

The Gold Growth Process

We partner with you to unlock growth and profitability. We do so through a six-step process:

  1. First, you will first meet with our expert faculty to scope your project, define the business question and outline deliverables.
  2. Second, you will work with expert faculty and students to hypothesize answers to the question and outline a structure for answering the question.
  3. Expert faculty will then structure 100+ students into teams to efficiently and effectively collect data to answer your business question. This can include developing surveys, focus groups, interviews, competitive intelligence, accessing databases and other secondary research.
  4. Students and expert faculty will analyze this data using the latest strategic frameworks to identify answers to your business question.
  5. Teams of students will compete to present you with the most insightful, rigorous and creative answer to your business question. At the end of the project, you will receive the entire corpus of data collected and PowerPoint decks with recommendations.
  6. Finally, our expert faculty will discuss how to implement solutions to your business question and connect you with other consulting resources in the Haworth College of Businesses.