Account Migration

Exporting data

In order to migrate data from one Google account to another, you must first export your data. It is recommended that you export your data using Takeout, a tool provided by Google. Follow the step below to export your Google account data.

  1. Sign in to the account that you wish to export data from.
  2. Visit the Google Takeout website.
  3. Click the Create an archive button.
  4. Select the applications you would like to export data from.
  5. Most applications have the option to select the format you would like Google to use when exporting the data.*
  6. Click the Create archive button.
  7. You will receive an email when the archive is ready for download.

*If you plan to import your data into another Google account, use the default format options.

Importing data

Western Michigan University's IT Help Desk supports importing data from one Google account to another. Please visit the documentation for each individual application for instructions on importing your data into Google.


Please note that Google Takeout does not support all applications. For a list of supported applications, please visit the Google Takeout website.