Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the GA Training mandatory? Yes, all new graduate appointees (GAs) at Western Michigan University, including teaching assistant (TA), research application (RA), and research discovery (RD) appointees, are required to complete GA Training. New is defined as those new to a GA position or any first-time teaching assistant. For example, a student who served as a research discovery appointee in the previous year and is switching to teaching assistant for the current year is required to attend.

How do new GAs register for the training? The Graduate College will register students in eLearning, which will trigger a confirmation message to be sent to their WMU email. We will begin registering students in November 2021. 

"You have been enrolled in Graduate Appointee (GA) Training 2021 for Elearning - Western Michigan University. To access Graduate Appointee (GA) Training, log into Elearning - Western Michigan University with your username (XXXXX) and password, then select Graduate Assistantship (GA) Training, Spring 2022 from your list of courses."

How do I request accommodations for the training? To  request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act for the virtual GA Training video presentation, please email no later than Wednesday, December 1, 2021.   

What is my Bronco NetID and password?  
Your Bronco NetID is your username and computer account granted to all WMU students, faculty and staff. It is used to log into portals including GoWMU and eLearning. Within three days of acceptance to WMU, new students are sent an email from the Office of Information Technology with their Bronco NetID and temporary password. The message is sent to the same email address the student included on their application for admission. Having trouble logging in? Contact the Technology Help Desk.  When you provide your Western Identification Number (WIN), they can share your Bronco NetID and reset your temporary password.

How do I navigate eLearning? 

This video will show you to get to your courses and what the most commonly used tools are within eLearning. You will quickly be shown how to navigate through your eLearning course to get to those commonly used activities and features. 

How do I obtain a parking pass? Parking Services has moved to a virtual permit system. A “virtual permit” is a non-tangible internet based permit where parking rights are assigned to the license plate of a registered vehicle. Students who have an assistantship or appointment have parking included as one of their benefits. The purchase of a permit can be done at any time with a smart device or computer by clicking the “Get a Permit” button located on the Parking Services homepage. 

  • A graduate assistant will click on the "Student" tab when requesting a virtual permit.
  • The "Graduate Assistant" classification is automatically uploaded to our system and should automatically upload the correct permit and upon checking out.
  • Graduate Assistants are not required to show a letter or physically come into the Parking Services office. If there is an error with how the student is classified, please contact Parking Services at 269-387-4609.
  • Click "Pay" to complete the process. You will not be charged. The confirmation page will reflect the payment method is "Bill to OBF web." 

How do I obtain a student ID card? Once you are a registered for classes you are eligible to obtain your student ID, Bronco Card, through WMU Parking Services. Students who attend the main campus can obtain their Bronco Card by uploading a photo online to (login required) and picking up their card from Parking Services Regional site students will continue to obtain their student ID by working with the site center front desk staff. 

Are on-campus apartments still available? The housing portal is in GoWMU in the Residence Life Housing menu.

Where can I learn about off campus housing options? To learn more about living in Kalamazoo, visit any of the following websites:

Rent College Pads

I am an international graduate student with questions on immigration. Where can I location information?  
WMU's Immigration Compliance is maintaining updates and developments for international students on their website at

Is there an international student orientation that I should attend?
The International Student Orientation team is here to help you make a smooth academic, social, geographic, and professional transition to WMU. A virtual welcome will be held online via Webex on August 25 at 1 p.m. ET. Learn more online at

Are there new international graduate students resources?
The Pre-Arrival Guide is a resource to help students prepare for success at Western Michigan University. You can work through the following Pre-Arrival Guide components in one sitting or slowly, at your own pace and the guide is located at Additional important information for a smooth transition can be found in the international student eLearning course.

I have specific international graduate student questions. Who can I email for assistance?
Please contact the international student activities program specialist at