Graduate Course Credit/No Credit Option

Graduate Credit/No Credit

Frequently Asked Questions for Graduate Credit/No Credit Option


How do I indicate that I want to use the Credit/No Credit option?

You may request a change to credit/no credit in GoWMU between April 28 and May 15. Select “Grade Mode Change” from the Academic Services menu and indicate the course(s) you would like changed to credit/no credit. Please allow up to two weeks for your request to be processed.

Can I select the Credit/No Credit option for one course or must it be used for all courses this semester?

The Credit/No Credit option is done on a course by course basis, so you can select this option for one course, multiple courses, or all courses for the Spring 2020 semester.

Will selection of the Credit/No Credit option affect my GPA?

No. Courses where the grade of credit or no credit is given are not used in calculation of your GPA.

Will I have a chance to see my actual grade in the class before I decide to use the Credit/No Credit option?

Yes, the deadline for taking the Credit/No Credit option is May 15, so you will see your course grades before you need to decide whether to use this option.

Can I select the Credit/No Credit option if my graduate program has a requirement of B or better in my classes or has accreditation standards?

You should discuss this option with the graduate program advisor for your department since some program requirements will not work with the credit/no credit option.

Do instructors determine whether the grade indicates Credit or No Credit?

No, instructors will enter a grade, based on their course grading scale. The grade is converted to Credit if the entered grade is B or better and No Credit if the entered grade is CB or lower.

Will my transcript note that this semester was unusual due to the COVID-19 global pandemic?

A statement will be added to transcripts noting “Spring 2020: COVID-19 impacted”.

Do I have other options for grades besides Credit/No Credit if the COVID-19 situation impacted my ability to succeed in my courses?

Other options for students who are facing significant challenges in the spring 2020 semester include requesting an Incomplete grade from the instructor or filing an Appeal for Hardship Withdrawal. The Incomplete grade must be requested before the end of the semester, but the Hardship Withdrawal appeal can be requested after spring 2020 grades are released.

Is this Credit/No Credit option available for other semesters?

No. This is a one-time policy developed to allow flexibility for graduate students who are struggling with the rapid, unexpected switch to remote instruction for spring 2020 and other unanticipated challenges related to the covid-19 situation.

Why is a grade of B the cut off for credit?

There were several reasons for selecting a grade of B or better for the credit/no credit system.

  1. We require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for degree completion at the graduate level. 
  2. The existing Credit/No Credit policy in the Graduate Catalog, which is for 7000-level courses, indicates a grade of B or better for Credit, and this emergency option is an extension of that existing policy. 
  3. Many graduate programs and accreditation agencies require a B or better in graduate coursework.