Dissertation, Specialist Project, Thesis

  • Committee Appointment

    Committee Appointment Form

    1. Gather signatures from the Department Chair, Committee Chair and members, Program Advisor
    2. Email the completed form to grad-dissertation@wmich.edu
  • Dissertation Defense Scheduling

    Dissertation Defense Scheduling

    Purpose: This document allows the Graduate College to advertise and promote the final defense presentations for doctoral students. The form also ensures that doctoral students are at the proper stage of their program to schedule the defense and allows the Graduate College to anticipate receipt of the approved dissertation. Master’s and Specialist students do not need to use this form, since scheduling of their defenses is done within the department.

    Form Link: Defense Scheduling Form

    Routing Process:

    1. Student completes form after consulting with their committee members
    2. Student submits form and dissertation abstract to Graduate College

    Final Destination: Graduate College – Dissertation Specialist (jennifer.holm@wmich.edu)

  • Dissertation, Specialist, Thesis Check-in

    Dissertation, Thesis, Specialist Project Check-In

    Purpose: These forms ensure that students submit all required documents

    Form Links:

    Dissertation Check-in Form

    Thesis/Specialist Project Check-in Form

    Routing Process:

    1. Student completes information on form
    2. Student may need to consult their committee chair if there are questions about ScholarWorks publishing/embargo options
    3. Student submits form to Graduate College, with required documents

    Final Destination: Graduate College – Dissertations and Theses (grad-dissertation@wmich.edu)

  • Doctoral Candidacy

    Admission to Doctoral Candidacy

    Purpose: This document certifies that a student has fulfilled all the requirements for the doctoral degree except for the dissertation.

    Form Link: Candidacy Form

    Routing Process:

    1. Student fills out information portion, sends to program advisor
    2. Student or program advisor circulates form for dissertation committee signatures
    3. Student or department makes copies for student and program advisor
    4. Student or program advisor submits form to Graduate College 

    Final Destination: Graduate College – Graduate Awards (grad-awards@wmich.edu)

  • Final Dissertation, Project, Thesis Approval

    Dissertation, Thesis, or Specialist Project Approval Form

    Purpose: This document is signed after the defense and provides proof that the committee members approve the dissertation, thesis, or specialist project and the student had passed the final defense. Once the Graduate College reviews the submitted dissertation/thesis/specialist project for proper formatting, the Graduate Dean gives the final approval on behalf of the university. 

    Routing Process:

    1. Student fills out information section
    2. Student circulates for committee member signatures after successful thesis, project, or dissertation defense
    3. Student submits form to Graduate College with approved thesis, project, or dissertation 

    Final Destination: Graduate College – Dissertations and Theses (grad-dissertation@wmich.edu)

    Form Link: Approval Forms (choose appropriate number of committee members)

    Dissertation Approval Forms

    Specialist Project Approval Forms

    Thesis Approval Forms