Graduate Faculty Nomination

  • Graduate Faculty Nomination

    Graduate Faculty Nomination 

    Graduate Faculty Nomination

    Purpose: Every faculty member is required to have Graduate Faculty Status in order to teach graduate-level courses, serve on graduate committees, and/or chair graduate committees. Faculty members can have “associate” status, which is a 3-year term that allows them to teach courses and serve on committees (but not chair), or “full” status, which is a 5-year term that allows them to teach, serve on graduate committees, and chair graduate committees. Qualifications for graduate faculty status are defined by Faculty Senate MOA 16/14 and outlined in the Graduate Catalog. 

    In some departments,  administrative assistants have been responsible for this paperwork, although now others might be responsible for it. Faculty or staff may initiate the form. It is important to note that GFNs are required for all faculty who work with graduate students, including outside committee members. Graduate student committees will not be approved without current graduate faculty status for all committee members. Outside committee members should submit a GFN upon joining a committee, and WMU faculty should submit when their 3- or 5-year term expires. The Graduate College website includes a list of all graduate faculty members and the dates of term expiry.

    Form Link: Graduate Faculty Nomination Form

    Routing Process:

    1.  Faculty member or department staff fill out informational portions
    2. Faculty member attaches or sends a current CV (note that criteria for full graduate faculty status evaluates scholarly activity in the past 5 years, so it is important to send a recent CV)
    3. Faculty member or department staff obtains department chair signature
    4. Faculty member or department staff sends to academic college for dean’s signature
    5. Academic college or department sends to Graduate College for dean’s signature to 

    Final Destination: Graduate College – Dissertations and Theses (