Conferencing Photos


  • a chair and small table in front of a brick wall and some decor in a wmu-grand rapids, downtown room.
  • a wmu-grand rapids, downtown room. five rows of tables and chairs angled and facing a podium and two whiteboards at the front of the room.
  • wmu-grand rapids, downtown front desk in the lobby.
  • a wmu-grand rapids, downtown hallway lined with chairs, small tables, and windows.
  • a large open space in wmu-grand rapids, downtown with chairs and tables arranged in a 'u' shape.
  • a wmu-grand rapids, downtown classroom.
  • another wmu-grand rapids, downtown classroom.


  • four lounge chairs around a small table in the lobby of wmu-grand rapids, beltline.
  • large wooden conference table and eight chairs in front of an ornate partial wall featuring a fiery horse, in wmu-grand rapids, beltline.
  • at wmu-grand rapids, beltline, on the opposite side of the partial wall partition, many chairs arranged in circles around tables, as well as stools lined along bar-tops along the walls.
  • horse murals line the hallway at wmu-grand rapids, beltline.
  • a wmu-grand rapids, beltline room with a conference table, ten office chairs, and lifesize video conferencing hardware.
  • active learning room at wmu-grand rapids, beltline. computer chairs around multiple desks and wall-mounted monitors. rolling podium workstation in front of room next to projector screen.
  • wmu-grand rapids, beltline large executive meeting room with large table, ten leather office chairs, whiteboards, large monitor, and large surface tablet.
  • gathering/dining spaces in the executive meeting room at wmu-grand rapids, beltline.
  • cabinets, countertop and sink in the executive meeting room at wmu-grand rapids, beltline.
  • rows of tables and chairs facing a projector screen and rolling podium workstation in a wmu-grand rapids, beltline room.
  • another wmu-grand rapids, beltline classroom with rows of tables and chairs and a wall of windows in the back of the room.
  • small breakroom with lounge chair, sink, refridgerator and towel dispenser at wmu-grandrapids, beltline.