Alberto Cintrón-Colón

Alberto Cintrón-Colón
Graduate College Ambassador
(269) 387-8207
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Graduate College
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave.
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5242 USA

Alberto Cintrón-Colón is a current Ph.D. student in biological sciences in the biological sciences department at Western Michigan University. Cintrón-Colón does research in Dr. Spitsbergen’s lab in the fields of neuroscience, muscle physiology and biology of aging. He is interested in the effects of long-term exercise on motor neuron structure and number, as well as neurotrophic factor protein and mRNA content in nervous and muscle tissue. Cintrón-Colón has had previous training opportunities in a couple of REU programs doing research both as an undergrad in WMU and Rutgers University in New Jersey. In addition, he has previous experience as a high school teacher in his home-island of Puerto Rico. As a future goal, Cintrón-Colón intends to become a faculty professor and future principal investigator in the field of neuroscience. Cintrón-Colón has earned a teaching assistant position and a research assistant position from the biological sciences department and the WMU Graduate College.