Our vision

The vision of the Center for Health Information Technology Advancement at Western Michigan University is to be the leading institute that provides the productive health information technology research, education and services for the delivery of best health care with quality, safety, security and sustainability.

Map showing Michigan's higher learning institutions.

Western Michigan University is the only four-year higher learning institution in the southwest region of Michigan.

Our mission

To integrate Western Michigan University's talented faculty and students to work with our community, state and national stakeholders in conducting synergistic, interdisciplinary and innovative research, training and services to provide the most efficient and effective health care for the United States of America.

Our value proposition

The best health care shall be delivered with:

  • Patient centric services.
  • Full security and highest shareability.
  • Maximum value but affordable price.
  • Highest quality with minimal waste.
  • Efficiency with uncompromising safety.
  • Guaranteed sustainability for all stakeholders.

Our solution

  • Advancing health care with information technology.

Our approach

The Center for Health Information Technology Advancement is committed to:

  • Networking to inspire and propagate ideas—creating relationships between WMU and health information technology research leaders to explore business opportunities.
  • Collaborating for innovations—developing partnerships to turn business opportunities into business plans for joint endeavors.
  • Integrating for delivery—establishing business models to leverage joint talents for delivering improved health care services.