What to expect

After you visit the health center, if you have insurance: 

1. We submit charges to your insurance company.
2. Your insurance company reviews the charges.
  • They send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement.
  • They reimburse us for the covered amount minus any copay or deductible we collected.
 3. If an amount owed is due, WMU Accounts Receivable sends you a bill.
  • Health center charges are noted as “HEA1” or “SMC”
  • The date shown is not the date you visited the health center; it indicates the date the charge transferred to the University from the health center. 
  • Follow payment instructions on the bill.
4. View a detail of your visit charges by logging in to your account on the health center patient portal at Click the “Account Summary” link and then a particular visit.
  • Your account may show a $0 balance, but the amount owed may have been transferred to the WMU Accounts Receivable and still be owed to WMU.