What to expect

When you visit the health center, if you have insurance: 

1. We submit charges to your insurance company if we have a participation agreement with that company.
2. Your insurance company reviews the charges.
  • They send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement.
  • They reimburse us for the covered amount minus any copay or deductible we collected.
 3. If an amount owed is due, WMU Accounts Receivable sends you a bill.
  • Health center charges are noted as “HEA1” or “SMC”
  • The date shown is not the date you visited the health center; it indicates the date the charge transferred to the University from the health center. 
  • Follow payment instructions on the bill.
4. View a detail of your visit charges by logging in to your account on the health center patient portal at Click the “Account Summary” link and then a particular visit.
  • Your account may show a $0 balance, but the amount owed may have been transferred to the WMU Accounts Receivable and still be owed to WMU.

We reserve the right to collect payment at time of service from patients who are not enrolled WMU students or WMU employees. Those with account holds placed by WMU will be expected to pay at time of service.