Sindecuse Health Center has updated, bivalent booster shots available. Call (269) 387-3287 to schedule an appointment if you have an insurance plan that participates with Sindecuse. COVID vaccinations and boosters are widely available in the community, often during evening and weekend hours at local pharmacies. Many locations require an appointment, so call your local pharmacy or provider first.  

  • People ages 12 years and older can no longer get the original (monovalent) mRNA booster.
  • The only CDC-authorized mRNA booster is the updated (bivalent) booster.
  • The bivalent vaccine may be given two months after a previous COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Anyone who is booster-eligible may receive a bivalent booster shot--the number of previous doses does not matter
  • A flu vaccine may be given at the same time as a bivalent booster shot, in the opposite arm or more than an inch away from the other shot location in the same arm.

More information about COVID-19 booster shots is available on the Centers for Disease Control web site

Adults 18 years and older can get any of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States for their primary series. Sindecuse Health Center no longer administers initial doses.