Make a COVID-19 Test Appointment Online

On the health center's patient portal, making an appointment for a COVID-19 test is easy if you follow the steps. Here's an illustrated walk-through:

1. Go to and start by telling us who you are:

2. Log in with your BroncoNet ID and password:

3. Confirm your date of birth.

4. Click on the "Appointments" Menu option, then click the blue button to schedule an appointment:

5. Select an appointment type, then click the "Continue" button:

6. If you selected COVID-19 Testing, choose Yes or No to the question about symptoms:


7. If you choose Yes–you have symptoms, you'll be asked to make a telehealth appointment with a provider. Check the box and press "Continue":

8. Tell us the reasons for the appointment. What are your symptoms?

9. Choose the appointment time you would like and click "Continue":

10. Confirm the appointment time is correct, then click "schedule" to make the appointment:

11. You'll be asked to 'sign' an agreement to receive telehealth services:

12. Once you've done that, the appointment screen will show your future appointments:

We'll see you soon!