Testing for Students, Employees

Mandated Testing for unvaccinated individuals

Information about scheduling required testing is on WMU's COVID web site. These tests will be administered at no charge to unvaccinated students and employees in the mandated program.

Other Testing

Visits and testing related to COVID-19 concerns are treated like any other visit to the Primary Care or Nursing teams. A patient is responsible for the portion of their bill that insurance doesn't cover. The University is no longer funding free testing or provider visits.

Screening antigen test

  • For those without symptoms and who have not had close-contact exposure to a person with COVID-19
  • Call (269) 387-3287 to make an appointment
  • *Insurance doesn't pay for tests that are not medically necessary, so the health center will not bill insurances for those without symptoms or those who have not had close-contact exposure.

Diagnostic visit and test

  • For those with symptoms related to COVID-19, or other respiratory concerns
  • Scheduled telehealth visit followed by a drive through sample collection and antigen test if ordered by a provider
  • Use the patient portal to make an appointment

Note: Supplies can be unpredictable and availability of testing is subject to change without notice.