Travel Notices

If you have traveled to an area affected by COVID-19 and believe you have respiratory symptoms or fever, or if you had contact with a person who is a confirmed COVID-19 case, please call (269) 387-3287 before coming to the health center. We will discuss your symptoms and need for screening.

If you have traveled to these areas and are not experiencing symptoms there is no need to visit the health center. Call if symptoms develop.

Western Michigan University is prohibiting University-related travel . As of March 6, 2020, the CDC has issued travel notices for these countries:

Warning Level 3: CDC recommends travelers avoid all nonessential travel to:

  • Iran, China, South Korea,  and most of Europe

Alert Level 2: Because COVID-19 can be more serious in older adults and those with chronic medical conditions, people in these groups should talk to a healthcare provider and consider postponing travel to:

WMU community members returning from these locations may be routed through U.S. airports where they could be subject to risk assessment and symptom monitoring.

Travelers Returning to campus

Faculty, staff and students returning from business or pleasure trips to areas the CDC has identified as being at risk for COVID-19 transmission should follow the guidance given by health professionals upon their return to the U.S. This includes study abroad program returnees as well as international students traveling to WMU.

Travelers returning from the areas noted above should self-monitor and quarantine in a location off-campus to prevent exposing other WMU students, faculty or staff to the virus that causes COVID-19. Quarantine means separating oneself from others who have not been exposed in order to prevent the possible spread of disease. This self-monitoring period should last for 14 days. Individuals should be vigilant about their health and monitor for any symptoms of COVID-19: fever, cough, shortness of breath. If they become ill then follow the guidance given by the CDC. During this 14-day period individuals should restrict their contact with others and not attend social gatherings or visit public places like grocery stores.

Returning travelers should disclose travel history to their department or contacts at WMU to facilitate communication after their return to the U.S.