While You Wait for Results

Sometimes students or employees make an appointment for assessment and testing based on possible exposure related to COVID-19 and then must wait a day or two for test results. Anyone waiting for a telehealth visit or a test result should continue safe return practices:

  • Wear a mask unless you are alone
  • Maintain 6 ft. social distancing at all times
  • Wash hands frequently

If you have made an appointment at Sindecuse Health Center for possible exposure, until you receive specific instructions from a medical professional to quarantine or isolate, you may continue to:

  • Use Grab-and-go services from Dining Centers
  • Attend class while maintaining social distance, wearing a mask
  • Do other activities that pose minimal exposure to others (take a walk, for example)

If you have made an appointment because of symptoms, we ask you to take precautions to reduce risks until you have been evaluated by a medical professional. Reduce contact with others, maintain social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands frequently.

You are not in quarantine or isolation until a medical professional gives you instructions to do so.

What about badges?

The badging system indicates a status based on your responses or the intervention of medical professionals. Find more info about the badging system here.

Some students who have followed Safe Return recommendations have a future appointment at Sindecuse and are still be able to do some daily activities at WMU while their badge is orange, indicating quarantine. It's up to everyone in the University community to honor the Safe Return Plan, answer surveys honestly, and abide by the recommendations given by medical professionals.