Eating Disorders

Eating disorder assessment and treatment

When your relationship with food and obsession with thinness interferes with your life, you may be suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders involve destructive patterns of restrictive dieting, purging, exercising, and binging that lead to serious physical and psychological consequences. Recovery is most possible when an eating disorder is identified early, treated by trained professionals, and when treatment is supported by close friends and family.

Help yourself or someone you are concerned about.

The following are available at Western Michigan University through self-referral:

  • Medical evaluation and treatment – (269) 387-3287
  • Individual psychotherapy – (269) 387-1850
  • Group therapy – (269) 387-1850
  • Nutrition assessment and counseling – (269) 387-3263
  • Helping resources – (269) 387-3263

Reaching out to someone with an eating disorder.