Wellness Program

Sindecuse Health Center provides wellness coaching and biometric assessment for Western Michigan University's employee wellness program. If you would like to begin the wellness program through Sindecuse Health Center:

  1. Register for participation by picking up a registration form at Human Resources or Sindecuse Health Center; or register online at holtynwellness.com.
    • Click Participant Login
    • Click Enroll Yourself  (Use a one-time ID: 32 and one-time password: bronco
  2. Complete the online health survey or the paper version available at Sindecuse. If completing the online version, print out a copy of your health risk assessment to bring to Sindecuse.
  3. Call (269) 387-3282 to schedule an initial lab visit and wellness appointment.

How a Sindecuse appointment differs from a meeting with a Holtyn & Associates coach

Employees participating in the wellness program at Sindecuse will:

  • Schedule an initial lab visit for a fasting blood test requiring no food or drink except water for 12 hours prior to the visit. 
  • Schedule another appointment with a Sindecuse health professional approximately three to five days later to review lab results and receive coaching. Important: The health risk assessment printed in step two should be brought to this appointment.
  • Be required to sign a release of information form allowing the health center to share wellness visit results with Holtyn & Associates. If participants choose not to authorize this disclosure, they will hand-carry the printed wellness report to a Holtyn & Associates representative.

With Holtyn & Associates, coaches will administer a set of quick-response screenings and refer participants whose results indicate a need for further evaluation to Sindecuse Health Center or the participant's primary care provider.

Both Sindecuse and Holtyn & Associates staff will help participants set wellness goals.

More information

If you have questions about how the health insurance co-share reduction incentive works contact WMU Human Resources at (269) 387-3620. For assistance registering for the program contact Sindecuse Health Center at (269) 387-3282 or Holtyn Associates at (269) 492-4226.