Wellness Program

WMU employees seek Western Wellness appointments to assess their health and life habits and to reduce their required contribution to insurance premiums. With our reference lab changing to Bronson, employees seeking a Wellness visit at Sindecuse will incur costs associated with lab testing.

  • While we explore cost-effective ways to provide employee wellness visits, we will temporarily suspend making Western Wellness appointments.
  • When a new process is in place, we will resume Western Wellness appointments.
Sindecuse Health Center remains dedicated to being the first choice for WMU employees seeking health care for immediate needs.  We will continue to seek ways to lower costs and provide outstanding value and service to WMU employees.

More information

If you have questions about how the health insurance co-share reduction incentive works contact WMU Human Resources at (269) 387-3620. For assistance registering for the program contact Holtyn Associates at (269) 492-4226.