Webinars Offered

In addition to telehealth options for established individual and couples clients, Counseling Services providers are offering free educational webinars for all WMU students. These are intended for students who want to learn about caring for their own well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional workshops will be added as the situation changes.

Registering is easy.

  1. Follow the button links below to the Contact Us form to register.
  2. Select "Webinar RSVP".
  3. Check the name of the webinar you choose.

Once you've registered for a webinar, you'll be sent an email invitation with a link to join about a half-hour before the webinar begins.

Options for Dealing with Any Problem

With Meghan Cupka, LPC from Counseling Services, intended for WMU students
Wednesday, May 13, June 3, or June 24 at 2 p.m.
This 30-45 minute webinar will cover discussion about dealing with any concern with specific applications to the current pandemic as we all deal with the rapidly changing responses to contain the spread. You will walk away with new information and additional ways to cope.

  • Presenting a strategy commonly taught in Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Focusing on a way to make seemingly unmanageable problems more manageable
  • Space will be made for discussion of participants particular concerns

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Talking to Anxious People in the Time of COVID-19

With Meghan Cupka, LPC from Counseling Services, intended for WMU students
Wednesday, May 20 or June 10 at 2 p.m. 
We are in the midst of a very unpredictable time, and many people are understandably worried.  If you are finding yourself feeling anxious about other people's anxiety, we would like to help.  This 30-60 minute workshop will focus on improving our understanding of how anxiety functions, and how we can be prepared to meet the needs of the anxious people we care about.

  • Discussion of how stress and anxiety effect people differently in our current situation
  • Providing guidance for how we might go about supporting the stressed people in our lives 
  • Clarifying expectations and giving specific suggestions for what we can do to help

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What to do when you can't do anything—Self Care in the time of Covid-19

With Meghan Cupka, LPC from Counseling Services, intended for WMU students
Wednesday, May 27 or June 17 at 2 p.m.
Let's talk about self-care and how to do this when many places are closed and you are feeling fearful about what the future holds. Join us for a 30-60 minute webinar about how to take care of yourself during a pandemic.

  • Discussing and validating the new challenges we face in caring for ourselves
  • Emphasizing the importance of finding new ways to cope 
  • Specific suggestions for the development of a self-care plan

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