Seminars Offered

Counseling Services providers are offering free educational seminars in-person at Sindecuse Health Center for all WMU students. 

Registering is easy.

  1. Follow the button links below to the Contact Us form to register.
  2. Select "Seminar RSVP".
  3. Check the name and date of the seminar you choose to attend.

Once you've registered for a seminar, you'll be sent an email invitation with location and instructions for attendance in-person.

International Student Support Seminar

Intended for WMU international students
Thursday, Dec. 8, 2 to 4 p.m.
The International Student Support Seminar will be held in a safe space to meet with other WMU international students who are studying away from home. We will share experiences and concerns, find support, and learn skills and strategies to help manage in a time of uncertainty and transition. Possible topics for discussion include homesickness, loneliness and difficulty making friends, academic stress, and cultural adjustment.

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