Health Informatics and Information Management Major

If improving health care delivery through information technology intrigues you, the Western Michigan University health informatics and information management major may be the right one for you. Designed to provide balanced education in health sciences and health care information technology and management, the employment demand is exceeding supply in this growing field.

You’ll become a specialist in managing electronic health records, customizing health information systems and conducting value-added activities for health administration in a variety of health care settings. Our Haworth College of Business alumni are employed as clinical system specialists, informatics analysts, and health IT project managers.

Interested in joining this rapidly growing industry? Explore what we have to offer and how it will prepare you for a successful career in health information management.

The framework of the curriculum for health informatics and information management majors at Western Michigan University is composed of three components: the pre-program core courses, the program core courses and the hosting college specialty courses.

A health informatics and information management major will complete all required courses (pre-program core and program core) and a minimum of nine hours of specialty track courses. The total credit hours to complete a health informatics and information management major is between 51 and 55 hours, depending on the actual courses you take.

Pre-program courses

The following courses or their equivalents must be completed for a health informatics and information management major. Each course shall be completed with a grade C or above.

  • Business Computing—select one of the following:
    • CIS 1020: Introduction to Business Computing and Data Analysis 
    • CIS 1100: Business Computing
  • Health and Human Services:
    • HSV 1040: Introduction to the Health Disciplines and Inter-professional Practice 
  • MDSC 2010: Medical Terminology 
  • BIOS 1120: Principles of Biology 
  • CIS 2700: Business-Driven Information Technology 
  • Statistics—select one of the following:
    • STAT 2160: Business Statistics 
    • STAT 2600: Data Analysis Using R 
    • STAT 3660: Data Analysis for Biosciences 
  • Human anatomy—select one of the following:
    • BIOS 2110: Human Anatomy 
    • OT 2000: Human Functional Anatomy 
  • BIOS 2400: Human Physiology 

Program core courses

All of the following courses must be completed.

  • Health Info Systems and Management—Select one of the following:
    • NUR 2350: Special Topics in Nursing 
    • HSV 2350: Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Health Services 
    • CIS 2700: Business-driven Information Technology 
  • CIS 3600: Systems Analysis and Design 
  • CIS 3660: Information Assurance and Compliance 
  • Health Care Ethics—Select one of the following:
    • NUR 3220: Health Care Ethics 
    • PHIL 2010: Introduction to Ethics 
    • PHIL 3340: Biomedical Ethics 
  • NUR 3330: Health Informatics 
  • CIS 4600: Business Database Applications 
  • HSV 4800: Health Services Practice Management 
  • Health Informatics and Information Management Capstone Project—Select one of the following:
    • NUR 4300: Special Topics in Nursing
    • CIS 4990: Enterprise Project
    • HSV 4350: Special Topics in Health and Human Services 

College specialty courses

You will take a minimum of nine credit hours of coursework from the hosting college where you obtain your baccalaureate degree.

College of Health and Human Services

One specialty track is offered.

College of Health and Human Services

  • HSV 4150: Administrative Functions in the Health Care Setting
  • HSV 3700: The Health System and Its Environments
  • HSV 3900: Core Competencies and Contemporary Issues in Health Services 
  • HSV 4860: Health Literacy Practices 
  • HSV 4890: Health and Human Services Independent Research 
  • NUR 4300: Special Topics in Nursing

Haworth College of Business

Three specialty tracks are offered.

Data analytics

  • CIS 2640: Applied Analytics Foundations
  • CIS 3640: Business Analytics II
  • CIS 4640: Business Data Mining 
  • CIS 3620: Practical Project Management

Health information networking

  • CIS 2660: Networking and Data Communications 
  • CIS 5550A: Advanced Networking 
  • CIS 5550B: Network Security 
  • CIS 5550C: Health Information Networking 


  • MGMT 3010: Project Management 
  • MGMT 2520: Human Resource Management 
  • MGMT 4540: Employment Relations 


If you have questions or concerns related to your coursework, or you seek career advising, contact: