FIRE Place

photo of FIRE! Peer Educators

A resource and support center that addresses issues of sexual assault and other bias incidents

The FIRE Place Resource and Support Center is currently open by appointment only.

Please email to set up an appointment. 

If you are in urgent need, please contact the Michigan Sexual Assault Hotline. 

To Call: 855-864-2374
Text: 1-866-238-1454  

Ten reasons to visit FIRE Place

  1. Enjoy a safe space where students, faculty, and staff can tell their stories and hang out.
  2. Learn about available resources in the WMU community.
  3. Get support from trained peers.
  4. Participate in healing art awareness projects.
  5. Discover how you can change the culture around campus and in the community.
  6. Become part of a movement to stop hate, violence, and discrimination.
  7. Learn about how to create a safe space (No judgment, hate, discrimination, etc.).
  8. Learn about WMU programs, registered student organizations and program offices.
  9. Do independent research on how and why violence occurs.
  10. Learn how to support survivors of sexual assault and bias incidents.

About FIRE Place

FIRE Place is a resource and support center that addresses the issues of sexual assault and other bias incidents. It provides peer support and education, serves as a resource center, supports students through the reporting process and facilitates a number of art and awareness projects. The center works to create and maintain a network with other programs on Western Michigan University's campus and in the community, offering seamless referral and assistance navigating the services that may be most beneficial to a student's needs. A collection of resources and educational publication on the topics of sexual assault, bias incidents and other forms of violence are maintained at the center. We explore why and how these things occur and what we can do to change the culture to prevent them. The center provides a safe space for students to enjoy.

What is a bias incident?
Bias incident: negative things that may happen to us because of who we are (skin color, gender, sexual orientation, etc.). In other words, a hateful or discriminating act or comment toward a particular identity group.

Who is FIRE Place for?

  • Survivors of sexual assault.
  • Survivors and witnesses of bias incidents.
  • Friends of survivors.
  • Students needing information or assistance with reporting.
  • Students searching for a WMU program, office or registered student organization that best fits them.
  • Students interested in joining the movement to end violence and discrimination.
  • Students interested in creating art that brings awareness.
  • Students interested in research on sexual assault, bias incidents, and discrimination.

How can I get involved?
Everyone has the ability to do their part to prevent bias incidents and hate crimes. Creating a safe space starts with you.

  • Spread the message that differences are something to be appreciated.
  • Contribute to the art and awareness projects at the FIRE Place.
  • Visit the FIRE Place and check out our awareness bookshelf.
  • Become a FIRE Place volunteer.

FIRE Place support staff receive extensive training in which they learn how to provide support and advocate for those who have been affected by some form of violence.

If you are interested in volunteering to work in the FIRE Place Resource and Support Center, please access the application here.

Contact information

For more information, contact Danielle Snow at (269) 387-2990 or