Earn Credit

Receiving academic credit as a sexual health peer educator

  1. Western Michigan University students with certain academic majors and minors may choose to use their work as a sexual health peer educator to fulfill a requirement of their major or minor. This arrangement has been approved by certain departments, as indicated below.
  2. Other students may need elective credits for their major or minor or need additional credits to graduate, which they can earn from approved elective courses. In some cases, work as a sexual health peer educator can be used to fulfill an approved elective (see below).
  3. If #1 and #2 above do not apply to you but you need and want general elective credits, you can get credit for being a sexual health peer educator by enrolling in FCS 590 (see below).

If you do this internship for credit, you will need to obtain the appropriate form and approval from the appropriate department (not from the SHPE program). In most cases, the SHPE program coordinator will need to sign it. The completed form is returned to the departmental office, and they register you for the relevant course. The SHPE program coordinator must have a copy of this form as a reminder to submit a grade for you to the department faculty member in charge of the relevant course.

Departments that grant credit

Approval to receive credit for participation in the SHPE program is done so at each department’s discretion. Please contact your department for approval to take the SHPE program for credit prior to applying to the sexual health peer education program.

College of Education

Education majors or minors may receive credit by enrolling in ED 398 Special Studies in Education. Check with your academic adviser to learn whether your  major or minor requires elective credits that ED 398 may be used to fulfill.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Family Studies major with Family Studies emphasis:
May use to fulfill FCS 2020 Field Experience requirement, two credit hours.
May use to fulfill requirement for related electives, choose FCS 4290 Internship, may register for two to six credit hours total.

Family Studies major with Child Development emphasis:
May use to fulfill FCS 2020 Field Experience requirement, two credit hours.
May use to fulfill required FCS 4290 Internship, total six credit hours required.
Any student with any major may enroll in FCS 5900 Special Projects for one to three credits and receive credit for becoming a sexual health peer educator.

Download the approval form and return it to the FCS administrative office, 3326 Kohrman Hall.

Human Performance and Health Education

School Health majors and Community Health majors: Department requires minimum four credit hours of electives from approved list. SHPE may be used for HPER 300 Seminar Series: Health Competencies, two credits per semester, four total.

Lee Honors College

Lee Honors College students may be eligible for credit by enrolling in HNRS 3990 Field Experience. Please see an Honors College advisor for further information.

Nonprofit Leadership Minor

Nonprofit Leadership minors may fulfill their internship requirements by enrolling in PADM 4100. Obtain form and approval from Janice Maatman, director of nonprofit education programs in the School of Public Affairs and Administration.


Psychology majors: May use to fulfill required three-credit Practicum; enroll in PSY 397, Specially Arranged Practicum, for three credits. May also use to partially fulfill required nine hours of electives; enroll in PSY 398, Independent Study, for three credits.
Psychology minors: The department requires six hours of electives; three hours of PSY 397 practicum can substitute for three hours of approved electives.
Obtain form from Department of Psychology undergrad advising office or website.


Sociology majors are not required but may choose to do an internship; enroll in SOC 4960 (two to three credits). Obtain form from Dr. Ronald Kramer, Department of Sociology.

School of Communication

Communication majors and minors can get credit for SHPE through COM 398 Independent Study (no more than three credits). Obtain form from Communication academic advisor.

All departments reserve the right to change or alter course requirements and approval for participation in the sexual health peer education program. Please be sure to contact your department for approval to receive credit prior to applying.