Audiology Accelerated Doctoral Degree Program

Western Michigan University’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Services/Audiology Professional Doctorate program allows students to complete both degrees in a shorter time frame leading to the completion of both a Bachelor of Science degree and a professional Doctorate in Audiology in seven years. For students who take the traditional route, the time to complete the program is 8 years.

Admission to the undergraduate track does not guarantee admission to the doctorate program.

The courses listed below reflect only the courses for the accelerated portion of the program and is not all inclusive for the doctorate degree.

Pre-Professional Sequence

BIOS 1120:     Principles of Biology
BIOS 2110:     Human Anatomy
BIOS 2400:    Human Physiology
ENGL 1050:  Thought and Writing
HSV 2250:     Growth, Development, and Aging
LANG 2500:  The Nature of Language
MDSC 2010:  Medical Terminology
STAT 1600:    Statistics and Data Analysis
PHYS 1070/1080:    Elementary Physics with lab
PSY 1000:      General Psychology
SPPA 2000:    Introduction to Communication Disorders and Sciences

Professional Core

HOL 4700:      Relationship-Centered Skills
HSV 3650:      (changes to HSV 2650 in fall 2019)   Information Literacy in the Health Sciences
                        or Proficiency Exam (this class or exam is required as a prerequisite for HSV 4780)
HSV 4100:      Legal Issues in Health and Human Services
HSV 4200:      (changes to HSV 3000 in fall 2019)  Health and Human Services Research and Statistics
HSV 4780:      U.S. Policy in H&HS (Baccalaureate-Level Writing Course)
HSV 4800:      Health Services Practice Management
HSV 3700:      The Health System and Its Environment (formerly HSV 4810)
HSV 3900:      Core Competencies and Contemporary Issues in Health and Healthcare
                        (formerly HSV 4850)
HSV 4860:      Health Literacy Practices
HSV 4880:      Psychosocial Issues in Health and Human Services

Any one of the following
PHIL 2010:     Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 3340:     Biomedical Ethics

Audiology Concentration

SIGN 1010:    American Sign Language I
SPPA 2030:    Normal Language Acquisition
SPPA 2060:    Hearing Science
SPPA 2080:    Introduction to Audiology
SPPA 4000:    Practicum in Speech Pathology and Audiology I
SPPA 4010:    Practicum in Speech Pathology and Audiology II
SPPA 4560:    Rehabilitative Audiology
SPPA 5800:    Psychoacoustics
SPPA 5801:    Pediatric Audiology
SPPA 6030:    Anatomy and Physiology of Audition and Balance
SPPA 6210:    Diagnostic Audiology I
SPPA 6220:    Hearing Aids