How to Log In with 2FA

Below are instructions for how to authenticate to 2FA-enabled  applications once 2FA has been configured on your account.

Before you begin

  • You will need to enter your Bronco NetID and password before the Duo prompt will be displayed
  • If you do not have access to your two-factor device, contact the Technology Help Desk for a temporary bypass code
  • Use the Remember Me option. A checkbox will be displayed on the Duo prompt which will allow you to be remembered on that device (using the same internet browser) for 30 days

authenticate with duo push notification (recommended)

  1. Select Send Me a Push. A Duo push notification will be sent to your device.
  2. Tap Approve on the login request received on your 2FA device. 

Generate passcode with the duo app

 If you do not have access to an internet connection with your mobile device or tablet, you can still authenticate with Duo using a passcode from the app.

  1. Open the Duo Mobile app.
  2. Tap the Western Michigan University account.
  3. A passcode will be displayed.
  4. When prompted for your secondary authentication method when logging in, select Enter a Passcode and then enter the passcode displayed in the Duo app.
  5. Click Log In.

Note: Passcodes generated within the Duo app expire every 30 seconds.

generate passcode with text message

  1. When prompted for your secondary authentication method, click Enter a Passcode.
  2. Click Text me new codes at the bottom of the Duo window.
  3. You will receive a text message with 10 passcodes. Enter the first passcode in the Duo window and click Log In.

The next time you authenticate and are prompted for Duo, simply use the next code in the list of passcodes within the text message.

Note: Passcodes received via text message can only be used once.

need help?

If you don't have access to your device, the Help Desk can assist you with logging in. Call the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357 for assistance.