Bronco NetID Fileshare

The Office of Information Technology will end support for the Bronco NetID fileshare after October 31st, 2017. We recommend using OneDrive, provided as part of W-Exchange, for storing files. OneDrive will provide an enhanced file storage experience by providing the ability to easily share and access your files from your personal devices via desktop sync, mobile apps and the web Interface.

Faculty and Staff

The Bronco NetID fileshare is used by most people in the student computer labs or via the website. This is not to be confused with the H drive provided by your department.


Support for accessing the computer lab H drives on campus will end after the Spring 2017 semester.

Migrating Data

If you would like to transfer the data stored on the Bronco NetID fileshare to OneDrive, please follow the self-help instructions. If you would like assistance transferring your data, please visit the OIT Help Desk in the University Computing Center.