Adding People Who Are Not Enrolled in Your Course Offering

Participants are added to an Elearning course offering using the Classlist tool. Examples below show how to add a TA to a course offering, however the same process is used to add participants as instructors, librarians, or students.

  1. Login to Elearning and go to the course home page and go to Communications> Classlist 
  2. Click Add Participants.
  3. Click Add an existing user.
  4. You may search by name or WIN by entering a name or WIN in the Search For box and checking the appropriate Search In box.
  5. Click Search once you have entered your criteria.
  6. In the Search Result window, check the box next to the correct name, assign a Role or section and click Enroll Selected Users

Adding a TA to more than one section in a combined section course offering

After using the Classlist tool to add a TA to one of the sections, use the Sections tool to add the TA to additional sections.

  1. Edit Course and then select Sections.
  2. Click Enroll Users.
  3. Search for the TA by name and click the boxes associated with the sections that the TA needs access to.
  4. Click Save to finish.