Final Grade Export to Banner

Before sending grades to Banner

  1. Ensure the Grade Scheme that is set for your course corresponds to your personal grading scale in Grades > Grade Scheme.
  2. Ensure you are showing the grade symbol in Grades Settings > OrgUnit Display Options.
  3. Apply your grade scheme to the Final Calculated Grade column, click on Grades, then Manage Grades.
  4. At the bottom of the list, click Final Calculated Grade. Select your grade scheme and Save.
Failure to set these items properly may yield an authorization error and stop the export process.

If you need assistance creating and/or applying a grade scheme, or submitting grades, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at (269) 387-6958.

Transfer final calculated grade to the final adjusted grade

Elearning automatically assigns a letter grade to the Final Calculated and Final Adjusted Grade based on your selected Grade Scheme. The Final Adjusted Grade column is used to send the grades to Banner.

  1. Click Grades, then Enter Grades
  2. Click the yellow ruler icon next to Final Grades.
  3. Transfer the Final Calculated Grade to the Final Adjusted Grade.
  4. Select all your students, or, if you are resending the grades, select a sub-set of students.
  5. Click the Transfer All button and then click Save.

Enter last date of attendance

To comply with Faculty Senate policy, all instructors are required to enter the last date of attendance for all students who have a failing grade or, who have stopped attending class. For those students who stopped attending class, the grade exported is changed from an E to an X in the Adjust and Export grades section below.

  1. Click Enter Grades.
  2. Click Export to SIS (you may need to wait for the page to load).
  3. The Last Attend Date panel appears, listing the names of students who achieved an E.
  4. Enter the Last Attend Date for each student. If the student attended the course throughout the term, use the term end date, otherwise enter the last date the student attended class, if known, or the last date of a course submission (assignment, quiz, etc.).
  5. If you enter dates out of range for the term, an error will be displayed.
  6. You will not be able to continue the Export to SIS process until all dates are entered. 
  7. Click the Continue button when finished.

Adjust and export grades

After all Last Attend Dates are entered, the Export to SIS process begins.

  1. Students assigned an Adjusted Final Grade will have a status of Ready to Send.
  2. If you have combined sections, select which section to export. You may not send all the grades at once.
  3. To override a student's grade, click on the pencil icon to edit.
  4. You can designate another letter grade like an X or an I.
  5. After adjusting grades, from the status list, select Ready to Send.
  6. Click Export All Grades.
  7. A status message will display as they are exporting. Note that sending a grade for Demo Student will generate an error but it does not impact the sending of other grades. Grades successfully exported can also be seen from your Final Grade Worksheet in the My Work channel of GoWMU.

Banner statuses explained

  • Accepted by SIS: grade was successfully posted to Banner. Grade export can be checked in the GoWMU grade worksheet.
  • Error: the data submitted was incorrect, e.g. a lower case letter or number was used.
  • Needs to be Resubmitted: a grade has been changed and needs to be resubmitted.
  • Not Ready to Send: no grade was transferred to the Adjusted Final Grade.
  • Out of Date: grades were sent previously. Grade export can be checked in the GoWMU grade worksheet.
  • Ready to Send: grade is ready to send to Banner.
  • Submitted to SIS: grades have been submitted, Elearning is waiting for a response back.

Common error messages

  • Grades cannot be exported for this course...: the Grade scheme symbol (A, BA, B, ...) must be set. Be sure you have assigned an appropriate Grade Scheme to the Final Adjusted Grade column and resubmit.
  • Instructor could not be found: Anyone with an instructor role can send grades, but only the instructor on record in Banner will be successful. The instructor on record should sign in to submit grades.