Setting up a Grade Scheme

How to setup a grade scheme in Elearning

Setup a grade scheme according to the scheme published in your class syllabus.

  1. Click on Assessments>Grades.
  2. Click on Schemes.
  3. Click on the New Scheme button.
  4. Give the scheme a name. For example, BIOS 1050 Grade Scheme.
  5. The short name is optional.
  6. Start entering the lower end of the grade scheme beginning at the bottom of the scale (i.e. "E"). Use CAPITAL letters. The example below assigns a zero score to "X." This will assign the required "X" grade to students who never attended.  Replace the "Start %" with the lower end of each grade range. You can assign colors to each grade (optional). 
Symbol Start % * Color
X 0  
E 1  
DC 63  
  1. Add 6 more ranges to complete the grade scheme.

Symbol Start % *
X 0
E 1
D 63
CD 68
C 73
CB 78
B 83
BA 99
A 93
  1. Save the scheme.
  2. Make the scheme the default by clicking on the corresponding gray check mark under "Set Default" then follow the prompts.